Uninstalling a game that doesn't want to go

  Dan 23:19 13 Aug 2004

As I've had a couple of weird errors while trying to play Unreal Tournament and Unreal Tournament2004 online I decided to uninstall them from the persona they'd been installed on ( you know how XP lets you create different persona's under Documents and Settings etc), and reinstall them under the persona I use for connecting to the net.

It made sense to me anyhow.

The uninstall of UT went fine, the procedure letting me uninstall a host of mods and voice packs at the same time. With just a little user file tidying up to be done afterwards.

However UT04 occupying a hefty 5Gb of drive just doesn't want to go.

Everytime I try and run the uninstall procedure (either using it's own pull down menu, running setup from the disk, or even trying Remove Programs under XP) I get the same removal options that I had under UT, including the option to remove the UT mods I've already wiped from the drive, but no option to remove Ut2004!

I've also tried Uninstall programs like CCleaner and Easy Uninstaller but they all seem to work by bringing up UT04's own uninstaller which seems to have become confused/corrupted by the uninstaller for UT (which is the game I've already uninstalled).

Tis a tad confusing I know.

Anyone know how I can safetly take this off the drive (before reinstalling it).

Or should I maybe try installing it back over itself in the hope that the uninstaller will write itself correctly?

Any other ideas?

  woodchip 23:41 13 Aug 2004

Start computer in safe mode then try from Add Remove. Restart comp and keep pressing F8 as comp starts up for safe mode

  Dan 11:55 15 Aug 2004

Sadly it didn't work though. The same Unreal Tournament mods menu keeps opening up (for all the mods I've successfully uninstalled that related anyway to the first Unreal Tournament game and not the 2004version).

I tried in safe mode both using the game's in house uninstall option and the option in Windows own Add Remove menu, the latter however didn't list the game!

If I install the game again but in a different directory am I likely to get conflicts do you think?

I'm only really trying to get to play it on the net with some friends.

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