allclear 22:18 23 Dec 2006


My Add-remove programme doesnt work. Really dont know why.

I am therefore looking for any free unintaller programe off the net. Can anybody hep please?

Many Thanks

  rdave13 22:26 23 Dec 2006

Download Ccleaner click here and click on the tools tab for uninstalling.

If you have an XP disc would be worth running a scannow. Start--run-- type sfc /scannow.
It's a windows file checker. click here

  postie24 22:34 23 Dec 2006

Think its to do with an update.For now,try right clicking the add/remove icon in taskbar,click close,then restart add/remove programs

  allclear 22:56 23 Dec 2006


I ran the whole process of scannow with the xp disc. Unfortunately no luck.

Also for some reason I do not see the add/remove icon in taskbar, should it be there?


  postie24 23:21 23 Dec 2006

When you open it up in control panel it appears in taskbar,click close and restart

  rdave13 23:25 23 Dec 2006

I've never had the add/remove icon in the taskbar.
Didn't know it was possible to put one there.
Have a look here click here .
Ccleaner still has a useful uninstaller.

  rdave13 23:28 23 Dec 2006

Quite right a tab opens up in the taskbar, or should.

  postie24 00:00 24 Dec 2006

Sorry,i meant tab, rdave13

  allclear 14:38 24 Dec 2006

Hello all again,

I downloaded the Ccleaner but like my add/remove programme, it only picks up about 3 to 4 files and not all of them.

I have some games files that my kids were using before going to the uni, I want to unintall.

Perhaps I should explain that my add/remove does work but not properly as it only shows about 3 to 4 files and I know that I have at least 20-30 files. Please has anybody had this problem and could anybody help?

I know that I have an option of wiping off everything on my hard drive & reinstall evrything but I want to avoid this if there is another way round.

Thanks. Merry Christmas & a Happy new Year to all the helpful ones.

  keith-236785 16:05 24 Dec 2006

check the "start/all programs" for any of the programs you want to remove, they might have their own uninstall progs to run, alternatively, goto c/program files and check for any of the folders containing the programs you want to uninstall, check within these folders for uninstall program, a double click might if you are lucky might start the uninstall.

if there is absolutely no uninstall progs anywhere then simply delete the folders to remove the programs, obviously there will still be entries in the registry to clear which you could do by using reg cleaner. but if you dont encounter any problems after delting the folders then i wouldnt worry too much.

good luck, and happy christmas

  keith-236785 16:09 24 Dec 2006

forgot to say, you could try using

"add/remove for good"

send me an e-mail (click the yellow envelope) and i will send the file to you.

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