Uninstallation problem-DEISL2.ISU corrupt or not f

  Kalitechnis 13:29 15 Sep 2003

I have found that a couple of my son's Dorling Kindersley Educational programs (after not having been used for quite a time) would not function (either crash directly after launching, or not display correctly-some Quick Time issue possibly?).

I tried to uninstall them, but neither would do so, producing these errors:

"unable to locate install log file C:\ *****\********\DEISL2.ISU. Installion will not continue."
"log file C:\********\*******\DEISLU2.ISU is not valid or the data has been corrupted. Uninstallion will not continue".

I have tried re-installing on top of the previous installations but still the programs would not work, nor uninstall.

Does anyone know either what has happened, and how to get them uninstalled properly?

I am using 98se.

Many thanks for any help,

  MAJ 14:21 15 Sep 2003

Do a search of your hard drive from Start > Find > Files or Folders, see if you can locate those files (DEISL2.ISU and DEISLU2.ISU (I think that might not be the correct name for the second file)). If you find them, then copy them to their correct folder/s, C:\ *****\******** then try the uninstall routine again, Kalitechnis.

  Kalitechnis 14:44 15 Sep 2003


Thanks for yr response..I had already checked-one of the files is where it should be, and is presumably corrupt, and there is only one more file of the same name on my HD...it is part of another DK educational program.

I would have thought a re-install would have produced the required file, but seemingly not.

I've had a lot of problems with DK software-a right pain-normally caused by different QuickTime versions needed.

Such a shame, as the quality and originality is superb. Mind you my son has never been interested in any "educational" software, except when we first got them. Just fiddled with the interactivity for a while..not the actual knowledge therein...before loosing interest completely. GGGRRRR!

However I still love them!!

I suppose I can always install them to a different directory, making sure I delete any relevant registry items?


  Kalitechnis 14:46 15 Sep 2003

By the way, Maj,

Yes you're right,I miss-spelt the one file name.

PcB (Kalitechnis)

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