uninstall XP Pro / Clean install Vista HP

  bandit2 20:30 15 Mar 2007

I have recently bought a new computer running Vista Home Premium Office 2007. It is working well.

I now want to uninstall XP Pro from my old computer and install Vista HP. I have Office 2000 on this cmptr.

Can any one point me in the direction of a simple but comprehensive article on the procedures to follow, please.

  Totally-braindead 23:50 15 Mar 2007

You want to install the Vista you got with the HP machine on a second computer is this right?
If that is what you want to do then it won't work, apart from the fact you can only use one copy of an OS on one PC and that to try to install it on second PC is breaking the licencing rules, the other problem even trying it is the Vista disk might be linked to the HP computer with all relevant drivers etc and if so it might cause no end of problems.
And you will get no updates for it assumming you do manage to install it, it would fail the authentication and would lock you out of the PC.

  Naz62 01:33 16 Mar 2007

By HP, bandit2 meant Home Premium not Hewlett Packard.

You cannot use the Vista Home Premium that you received with the new computer to install on the old machine. To do that you will have to uninstall it of the new computer and then install it on the old machine. Theres is no point in doing that.

To have Vista Home Premium on the older machine you will have to purchase a new copy of the operating system.

  bandit2 09:03 16 Mar 2007

Sorry, I didn't make it clear but I do have a new copty of Vista Home Premium already, i.e. an additional copy to that installed on the Dell machine.

  Kate B 10:21 16 Mar 2007

You don't need to uninstall XP. You've got two options - an upgrade or a clean install, and I'd recommend the latter. It's dead easy.

First, make sure any data you want from the computer is backed up, then go into the bios and find the boot options (to get into the bios you tap a key immediately after you turn the machine on - it's delete on my computer). The bios is the low-level system before you get into Windows.

Once you've found the boot options in the bios (the mouse won't work here, by the way), you'll find an option to change the boot order. It will say HDD or hard drive. Change that to CD/DVD, pop the Vista CD in the drive and watch it start - at some point you'll be asked to tap any key to boot from DVD. Do that, and it will proceed to the Vista set-up.

If it's a full Vista disc, you'll be offered a choice of upgrade or clean install - choose the latter and just follow the prompts.

If it's an upgrade disc, there's a workaround that allows you to do a clean install click here.

It's painless.

  bandit2 11:37 16 Mar 2007

Kate B

Many thanks for that description of the procedure - it sounds very easy as you say. Its a full program.

I'll do it over the weekend. I will go for the clean install as I have been have quite a few problems with my computer recently.

I know you say that I do not need to remove XP. However, although I have a reasonably amount of space on my hard drive at present, I am likely to have a problem by the end of the year. Is it possibly to remove the XP version when I need more space, please?

  Kate B 18:12 16 Mar 2007

When you boot into Vista for the first time you'll find a folder on your C drive called Windows.old. Delete that and you'll have a pretty empty hard drive to start clogging up again. I'd also suggest buying an external hard drive and using that for data such as pictures and music files to keep your C drive reasonably clear.

  bandit2 10:28 17 Mar 2007

Kate B

Many thanks for your help - much appreciated.


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