Uninstall an unwanted program

  stutrav 18:38 16 Jan 2004

How do I completely remove a program that is not in the Add or Remove in Control Panel

  jonnytub 18:50 16 Jan 2004

find the file in program files and delete the lot.

  jonnytub 18:51 16 Jan 2004

make sure any docs saved are deleted from my docs if that is what u want. What kind of program are you wanting to delete?

  stutrav 18:51 16 Jan 2004

It`s not in the program files

  stutrav 18:53 16 Jan 2004

small avi splitter

  sattman 21:12 16 Jan 2004

I would not openly advocate wildy deleting program files to remove programmes. Some programmes share DLL files and you may be removing a file required by a another programme.

  Belatucadrus 21:26 16 Jan 2004

Smart Uninstaller click here

Total Uninstall click here

UninstallAbility click here

MyUninstaller click here

One of these should be able to remove it safely.

  stutrav 21:49 16 Jan 2004

did it using Resore point
Thanx everybody

  Flaco 00:40 17 Jan 2004

I would still advocate following Belatucadrus' advice and downloading an Uninstaller programme for future use. Some of these types of progs need to monitor the installation from the moment you start loading something new. That way they can cross reference what is there before and after the installation, as well as create an installation log itself. That way, when you decide to uninstall a prog in the future, the Uninstaller knows exactly where and what to look for specifically. You get much cleaner uninstalls that way (hopefully!)

  jonnytub 00:36 21 Jan 2004

hi sattman, i don't think this is a case of wildly deleting files, the file can be deleted from the program files folder quite safely. If the file has impotant files regarding shared status quo (xp only???) the os will prompt for these to be deleted. Once these files are deleted and if stutrav finds this method is not quite the right one, he/she (pc) can easily retore the deleted files from the recycle bin.

Another point is that 99.99999999999999 % of all install/uninstaller programmes require the initial installation files to be run through it's own native programme to be effective. This is usually because of installation file program paths, etc, etc of which the uninstaller program would have no idea of if post installed.

I do not claim to be a computer genius and would appreciate if anyone could point out flaws in my analysis, however lets not forget stutrav needs our help in resolving this matter.

  Stuartli 08:45 21 Jan 2004

If a program is not in Add/Remove programs it is more than likely that it has its own uninstall routine. It will be listed with the program in its Start or Programs menu link.

This should be used rather than merely deleting the program, which can cause problems afterwards.

Add/Remove Programs will only remove programs written for Windows operating systems.

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