Uninstall programs on slave HDD

  bovthedog 20:38 06 Sep 2010

I do not wish to reformat so is it possible? If so how?

  MAJ 20:49 06 Sep 2010

How were the programs installed?

  bovthedog 14:32 07 Sep 2010

mostly from disk ie. Adobe Photoshop, Windows XP etc.

  MAJ 14:43 07 Sep 2010

Assuming they were installed on the slave drive while the slave drive was installed on your computer, i.e. the slave drive isn't a main drive from another computer installed as a slave in your computer, go to Control Panel and uninstall them from there. I suspect you have the latter senario though, in which case, probably the best you can do is delete the respective programs folders to regain the disk space. You could also take a look at Revo Uninstaller click here see if it can do anything with them.

  bovthedog 20:25 07 Sep 2010

Thanks for that. The slave HDD was the main drive from another computer and contains back-up data.
Whereas I didn't want to re-format the slave I think this might be best way of getting rid of duplicated programs and creating more space.

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