uninstall last windows xp update?

  Mary_S 15:38 16 Jul 2008

Dear all,
I am experiencing problems with my computer and would very grateful for some help please!!
I have windows xp and my problem is as follows. Following the recent windows update i cannot connect to anything online. ( I am currently doing so, under safe mode).
What I need to do is uninstall this last windows update i done, but my system restore has gone funny and it will only let me restore up till yesturday.
So could someone please let me know, how you can uninstall the last windows update for Windows XP.

Thank You


  mfletch 15:47 16 Jul 2008

Are you using Zonealarm if yes download the latest version and it will fix your Internet problem,

click here

  wis 15:47 16 Jul 2008

control panel
add remove programes
ensure update box is checked
kb 951748 has given a few problems

  Jim_F 15:47 16 Jul 2008

From Microsoft Technet:
click here
To remove an update for Windows XP

Open Control Panel.

Click Add or Remove Programs.

Select the Show updates check box.

Click the update that you want to remove, and then click Change or Remove.

Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

  Mary_S 15:59 16 Jul 2008


thanks for the tips so far.
I've opened up the control panel and show update setc, but unable to find
kb 951748
Could it be one some other update instead??

  Mary_S 16:08 16 Jul 2008

I thought i could uninstall the last update i done, and it would solve the problem, but the last update on control panel gives me the date 21/06/2008 , which is last month.
I dont want to uninstall an update, if its not the right one.
Will try the zonealarm thing in a sec, just want someone to give me a lil bit more help witht the update thing please.
Thank You

  Mary_S 16:20 16 Jul 2008

I have not installed/used zone alarm before, so would attempting to install zonealarm only fix teh problem if i have had it installed before, or would it still fix the problem, if as is the case for me , going to install it for the first time??

  Jim_F 16:33 16 Jul 2008

I think the reference to zonealarm was that certain versions can cause this problem.

Can you see the network card in device manager - and does it look like its working OK ? - if not it could be a driver update thats gone haywire(right click My Computer and select Manage)

  wis 16:55 16 Jul 2008

mary s
to put your mind at rest on one point
go to updates, click on review update history
does it show up

  Mary_S 17:19 16 Jul 2008

Dear All,
I had been using PC Tools Firewall , and i think the problems people had with zonealarm firewall and service update also applies to other firewalls as well (forigve me if everyoen knew that, but im a novice:P).
So i uninstalled pc tools firewall and have got my internet connection back.
Seeing zonealarm is so popular i may install that as my firewall now, rather then re-installing pc tools firewall!!
Is this a good idea??
p.s Thanks for the tips guys , i get well scared when i have a computer problems. I got certification exams coming up soon and interent access is essential for me!!

  cocteau48 17:29 16 Jul 2008

I notice on the PC Tools Firewall site that there has been a new version ( issued on the 8th July.
Perhaps this is PC Tools reacting to the Microsoft update problem as ZoneAlarm did last week.
It may be worth a look.

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