Uninstall Google Toolbar

  J6 11:31 31 Oct 2007

Can someone please give me some advice. I've had my PC six months and it's Windows Vista Home Basic. It was running very slow (internet particularly) so I deleted stored images, music etc, ran de-frag and virus scan and it was much better.Then for some reason i decided to be clever and uninstall the google tool bar as I've heard google can cause problems. In the middle of the 'uninstall' I panicked that I was doing something wrong, changed my mind and clicked 'end task'. Now everything's much slower than it ever was it's almost unusuable. I presume this is because it was right in the middle of the action. What shall i do ? I mean, do I need google toolbar? I also managed to remove the recycle bin icon from the desk top - how do I get that back. P.S. I'm a beginner (surprise, surprise)

  AdvisorAl 11:44 31 Oct 2007

Hi J6 dont know any thing about Vista but with XP you could use SYSTEM RESTORE and restore your PC to an earlier setting, i would think Vista would have a System Restore option some where. hope this helps Al

  birdface 11:50 31 Oct 2007

If it is still in add remove,uninstal from there.If you can't remove it you may have to reinstall it,Then remove it. Then run C Cleaner to get rid of whats left.Or if it is running Ok with the Google Toolbar reinstalled.It may be better just leaving it.

  J6 12:21 31 Oct 2007

Hi Advisor Al, there is 'System Restore'listed in the main menu. How long should it take ? Like I said I'm new to this, can I just go back to a specific date when everything was going ok or should I have taken a backup somewhere along the line - which I haven't done. There's probably a lot of stuff that's not needed it's my daughter's pc and I think she's clogged it up with all kinds. She's worried I'll get rid of her MSN messenger and email if I restore. Would that be the case?

  birdface 12:44 31 Oct 2007

If her messenger and e-mail was already installed before you started deleting things,it should be Ok.Just go back to just before you started deleting,And press restore.

  J6 13:49 31 Oct 2007

If I've got this right in my head - I restore to yesterday and that should undo whatever it was I did wrong - seems easy enough. I'll give it a go tonight. Fingers crossed. Thanks for your help. J6

  beynac 16:30 31 Oct 2007

Vista Recycle Bin:

Right-click your desktop and select "Personalize". Under "Tasks (in the left hand panel) click on "Change desktop icons". Tick "Recycle Bin" and then "OK".

  sunny staines 16:36 31 Oct 2007

disable antivirus temp till system restore done or it may prevent S/R installing yesterdays settings.

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