Uninstall Corel Paint Shop Pro

  PeterPaul 14:37 25 May 2006

I tried to install Corel Paint Shop Pro X from a new PC (Windows XP home edition.

I have removed the program folder and the registry entries (using jv16 and regedit) but the program still keeps trying to install on startup.

What file or start-up procedure have I missed?

  ventanas 14:46 25 May 2006

I don't understand this, there is nothing in Paintshop Pro that runs at startup. Do you mean uninstall, and not "install." Also could you be referring to the other program Paint Shop Pro Album, that does run a small program at start up.

May I ask why you uninstalled by removing the folder. What is wrong with Add/Remove programs. This would have removed it without any problem.

If it is the Album program, go to Start\Run and type in the box msconfig. Choose the Start up tab on the right, and untick anything relating to PSP. Click OK. Next time you start up you will get a message about Startup items. Choose not to display it again.

Or use this click here to stop it trying to run.

  PeterPaul 14:59 25 May 2006

Sorry, ventanas, I did mean uninstall.

The reason I ballsed it up was that I could not find it in Add/Remove Programs. It is Corel Paint Shop Pro X in a limited trial, bundled with the machine.

thanks for your help - I will try the PSP search.

  PeterPaul 15:58 25 May 2006

I have downloaded the program suggested. Since Paint shop Pro is not listed, this didn't help.

On start-up a series of boxes appears head 'Corel Paint Shop Pro X' saying 'The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable'

At the bottom, it says 'Use source: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\'

I have to click CANCEL several times before it gives up. No optio appears to stop the process next time.

I have searched for files with the words 'Corel Paint Shop Pro X' in them without finding any. All registry entries relating to Corel and Paint SHop Pro are deleted.

mcconfig doesn't show any start-up program that appears to be relevant.

  ventanas 16:03 25 May 2006

Could it be a Dell? They always stick these nuisance trials on their machines, but I suppose it helps to keep the price down. It will be in Add/Remove though, but under what heading I cannot remember.

Just had a thought, it may be connected with the registration and hopeful purchase of PSP. You can buy it much cheaper at PC World if you want it. But there may be something in your startup folder if it doesn't show in msconfig. By the way the program I linked to previously does what msconfig does, but much better.

You might also look in C;\Program Files\Common Files\Corel (or even JASC, you never know)

Also do a full search of the registry to make sure you have got rid of everything HK Current User\Software and HK Local Machine\Software

  ventanas 16:13 25 May 2006

Sorry, Our posts crossed. I didn't think you would find anything because of what I said earlier. This is getting complicated. Another place to look for leftovers is C:\documents and settings\User name\Application data\Corel.

I will have a bit of a think. Could you confirm that the path you have given if full and complete. C:\windows\installer

  PeterPaul 16:19 25 May 2006

It is indeed a Dell. I will try the addresses you suggest - thank!

  ventanas 16:19 25 May 2006

I have a feeling that PSP needs to be run at least once before you try to remove it. This sets it up for use, and may even result in it appearing in Add/Remove. I got another Dell 2 weeks ago and had to remove this trial before installing th full version. (that makes 26 times) But I ran it once just out of curiosity. After that it was easy to get rid using Add/remove.

I think its still trying to complete setup, but the files are no-longer there. So whatever is causing this message will need to be found, wherever it is. Have you fully deleted everything, or are they in the recycle bin?

  ventanas 16:30 25 May 2006

I've just had a look through the registry on this machine. The references to PSP are endless. Mainly in Hkey\Classes\Root.

You might give this a go click here using the Issues option. I can't fault this app.

  ventanas 16:44 25 May 2006

Another way, but may be a bit drastic. You say the machine is new. How new, Would it be a problem if you were to start again? Use the Dell restore program to return it to the way it was originally. (press ctrl-F11 when the blue bar appears at the top and follow the prompts. Click the User Manual on the desktop for more info, I tnink its page 43). You will lose everything you mau have added though. But it may come back without these infernal trials, and should only take a few minutes.

  namtas 17:22 25 May 2006

If you go to Windows restore then you should be able to your computer (programs) back to where they were, either at a stable point before you tried to remove PSP or even before you tried to install it. I personally would be cautious about trying to restore using the DELL restore disk, in theory this should work painlessy but !!!!!.

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