Uninstal Display Drivers?

  graham√ 14:12 03 May 2003

Following a 'serious error' the Microsoft crash machine advised updating the Nvidia drivers. I've downloaded OK, but it says to uninstal the existing drivers first. Surely, if I do that my monitor will be blank?

  Jomi 14:17 03 May 2003

No the resolution will just be a bit on the big side,..big icons on the desk top etc..
It really isn't a problem..uninstall the old ones then reinstall the new.
Once the new drivers are installed you'll have to right click on the desktop, click properties, click settings then set the resolution to suit your needs.

  LastChip 14:18 03 May 2003

When you system boots, it will automatically load the default standard drivers.

If your talking about Nvidea, it is essential you do get rid of the existing drivers first.

To do that, go into Device Manager, highlight your graphics card, and click delete. Re-boot the system and it will start with the standard Windows drivers. You can then install your new version.

  powerless 14:27 03 May 2003

Well i've installed numerous Nvidia drivers without uninstalling the old ones. You get the prompt about uninstalling the old ones but i just clicked ok and it installed and no problems were found.

That online crash analysis, don't update your drivers graham√, best to leave it. Although if it happening everytime then do so. If this is the first time then wait. If it happens again then update my advice is to leave it for the time being.

I've had my ADSL modem drivers cause an error and i'm still using the same drivers. MS recommended updating drivers, well i didnt and i'm still online.


  tbh72 14:29 03 May 2003

I just updated my Nvidia drivers days ago. I didn't uninstall the old drivers first and the update was totally successful!!!

  Belatucadrus 14:35 03 May 2003

I tried removing the old drivers, but XP always reloaded them when the system rebooted, so I went ahead and loaded the new ones anyway, so far so good.

  graham√ 14:43 03 May 2003

That's what's happening to me now! Thanks everyone, next it is saying disable anti-virus. How do I turn off AVG?

  Belatucadrus 14:49 03 May 2003

Right click the AVG task bar icon and select "Shutdown AVG control centre" is about all you can do I think.

  graham√ 15:08 03 May 2003

I followed the advice given, but in the end I just ploughed straight through and it worked. Of course it's a big comfort to have you all watching over me. Thanks!

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