Unidentified icon - anybody recognise it?

  johndrew 13:59 28 Feb 2006

Recently I noticed an icon in C:\Documents and Settings\User\ which I have been unable to identify. The icon is a red circle with a diagonal from top right to bottom left on a white background (clock dial 2 to 8) and titled `x.exe`. Associated with this is a Notepad icon titled `x.log`. When the .exe file is double clicked it produces a small panel titled `Uninstall???` with `uninstall.lst not found` in the window. The log file gives nothing away as all it says is `where=C:\Documents and Settings\User\.
dir=C:\Documents and Settings\User\.`

I have tried to Google it but found nothing that makes any sense to me. The questions are, should it be there? is it harmful? what does.did it belong to? and should I delete it?

Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.

  keef66 14:42 28 Feb 2006

could it be something nasty which an antivirus program has partially removed?

can you right click the icon and go to properties and see what it says?

When you're looking in windows explorer, under 'View' always choose 'details' cos it tells you a bit more about what you're looking at

  johndrew 16:20 28 Feb 2006

I have checked it out with AVG, MS Antispyware, Ad-Aware, Spybot, Spyblaster, Trend Micro Sysclean and Ewido and found nothing nasty - unless it`s completely unknown and I doubt that. It doesn`t show in HijackThis either when on or off the web so I don`t think it runs until selected.

When I check under Properties it is an Application, 30KB with a modification date of 30/01/2006. All I have is the General, Compatiblity and Summary tabs with no version or any other clues. Google shows other `x.exe` programs but nothing I recognise. That`s why I posted the thread in the hope someone would recognise it.

Any more offers, please?

  User-312386 18:00 28 Feb 2006
  johndrew 19:43 28 Feb 2006

Thanks for the link. I`m still not sure I understand what x.exe is all about but at least it seems to be benign and part(?) of some unix program that has got onto my PC. I did use MemTest86 could it be part of that?

I`m not registered with bleepingcomputer so I can`t use their forum; looks as if I may have another password to remember!!!

  johndrew 13:01 05 Mar 2006

I have posted on your link and it looks likely the icon is part of XoftSpy. I vaguely remember tryng to install this when I had a problem and either it didn`t uninstall properly or in some way ended up getting corrupted. I`m still working on it though so with luck I`ll know in the next few days.

  remind 13:09 05 Mar 2006

theres a url in `x.exe`; click here
They produce various java tools

  johndrew 13:39 05 Mar 2006

You could be right. I had a `JexePack Error # 10008`
click here at one time but that is now fixed - I think!!!

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