unformatted floppy disc-will it save any data?

  p;3 12:50 26 Mar 2005

a somewhat basic question; however...I presume that, if a floppy has not been properly formatted it will not allow anything to be saved to /on it? I cannot recall formatting the new discs I am using, but they seem to be saving the data on them:)
if not then I will have to repeat the process:)

  VoG II 12:57 26 Mar 2005

They're probably preformatted.

Try copying a Word doc or similar to one and then see if the file is readable off the floppy.

  VoG II 13:03 26 Mar 2005


  p;3 13:05 26 Mar 2005

I need my new glasses; the box says "formatted"; thought that was too easy:)

however, question remains for the archives and me; will an unformatted floppy save data?

  VoG II 13:08 26 Mar 2005

"will an unformatted floppy save data?"

No. And you will probably get an error message if you try.

  p;3 15:05 26 Mar 2005

thanks for the reminder; normally I have had to format all my floppies before using them; and to redu all the work I have just saved would have been a nitemare:)

sometimes even the most basic of knowledge goes astray and has to be refreshed:(


  VoG II 15:09 26 Mar 2005

We've all been there. No need to explain why you needed to ask.

  p;3 15:13 26 Mar 2005

right; now off to continue to sort out the rogue pc (why do people have to send infected emails ...makes me cross)

  SANTOS7 15:18 26 Mar 2005

If you know the person who is sending you infected emails you might want to tell them, if you do not know the sender and it is not from a source you recognise delete them before curiosity gets the better of you..............

  p;3 15:28 26 Mar 2005

it is not my pc that is infected, but a relatives; and only learnt of it in casual conversation; have told him to let his bosses know about the infection,which I discovered for him by running stinger on it, and am preparing to tackle the problem;hense the batch of floppies, as no cd burner available and at present no internet connection ability on his pc :( (all of that issue is being dealt with on other threads, as more than one issue involed with cleaning it );

(he has been instructed not to open the pc until I get back to it to work on it, to minimalise the spread of the infection )

  SANTOS7 15:32 26 Mar 2005

Hope it goes well for you, i can sympathise with you on that score similar happened to me some time ago,i use Incredimail and the virus was actually in the letter style as opposed to an attachment (very devious)...........

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