Unformated disk in D Drive

  birdface 18:27 18 Mar 2007

Hi, You name it Ive tried it,Have been unable to run any DVDs or Cds on D Drive for about 3 months now,Normally nothing is recognised when I put any type of disc in D Drive.But to-day I downloaded Power DVD 5 again,And I get A disc with unsuported format in drive D ,Normally there is no hint of anything being in there,Windows media player is still a blank,So anybody any Ideas,Does not matter what type of disc I put in,Music or film,Same answer.I think maybe a corrupt file somewhere,But dont have XP disc to run sfc /scan now.Now I can run Music Cds on E drive.Is that normal,And if I had a copy of XP disc, Could I run it in E drive instead of D Drive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:34 18 Mar 2007

dont have XP disc to run sfc /scan now

do you have a i386 folder on your hard drive?
click here explains how to poit sfc at your i386 folder.

  skidzy 18:41 18 Mar 2007

Buteman this has been an ongoing problem for a long time now with several fixes unsuccessful.

If you can post your previous threads (links) this may help.

Maybe a thought to consider,is to remove all burning programs and dvd players (if i remember you have a few) and reboot and just try windows to play the cd from media player.This will reduce any conflicts you may have.

Dont forget to run ccleaner after uninstallations.

  birdface 19:01 18 Mar 2007

Hi Skidzy,Just been looking for those threads for the last 20 minutes not found them yet.When I do I will post them here.My problem is that i have been trying to hard to get this going and in the process I may have moved something that I should not have,When computer starts now Windows start up music is garbled and breaks up,I have downloaded the codec pack and run check for broken Codecs ,But still the same,Now the only DVD player that I would want to delete,is WMP. But unfortunately you cant delete it.And cant roll back,But I will go round later and delete all the rest,and see what happens,I have deleted them all through add remove,But some of them still come up in scans,Any way of clearing them all out of the computer,Free springs to mind.

  birdface 19:04 18 Mar 2007

Hi, When I run Start, Search,And look for i386 about 10 different ones appear,Is it one of them that I am supposed to move.

  birdface 19:09 18 Mar 2007

My problem started when I tried to get rid of WMP and deleted a few things that I should not have,At least thats what I think,Is there any program that will delete old programs still stored in the computer that I no longer use.

  skidzy 19:09 18 Mar 2007

Have you tried reinstalling your WMP,some dont like it but i can say ive never had a problem with it.What version of wmp...11 ?

If some some are still coming up after removal and ccleaner has been run,you may need something a little more aggressive.Cleanup can be set to how aggressive you wish it to be click here but comes with the potential risk if used aggressively.

Make sure you backup your registry if you go ahead with the cleanup...do not rely on system restore.

  birdface 19:17 18 Mar 2007

Hi was on 10. went to 11,Same problems so went back to 10 ,wont go back any further.

  skidzy 19:23 18 Mar 2007

So many things to suggest but im sure we have been through them all in the past.

I know you dont want to,but have you thought of a reinstall/recovery ? again if my memory serves me correctly,you do not have have a xp disc.

Have you checked if the os is on a hidden partition.

  birdface 19:41 18 Mar 2007

How do you check for hidden partition.

  skidzy 19:47 18 Mar 2007

Start and right click MY Computer/Manage/disk mangement

Or try tapping something like F11/F10 on startup.

What make pc is this.

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