Unexpected Windows reaction

  Pineman100 19:06 26 Aug 2006

When I plug my digital camera into my PC, Windows XP automatically launches the little wizard that asks me "What do you want Windows to do?" followed by various choices such as copying pictures to a folder, etc.

However, a friend has just bought a Praktika digital camera. He also runs XP SP2 Home. But when he plugs the camera into his computer, it launches the Found New Hardware wizard. He can't do anything about this because the "Next" button on the wizard is greyed out.

In the camera's handbook, it says that the camera's device driver software doesn't need to be installed into the computer if it's running XP.

How can he get Windows to recognise his camera?

Thanks for any advice.

  anskyber 19:26 26 Aug 2006

He could try downloading the drivers if they are on this list for his camera. click here

  woodchip 19:44 26 Aug 2006

Tell him to load the drivers and software of The CD

  Graham. 20:26 26 Aug 2006

Always best to use a card reader, eg.:
click here

  rdave13 20:38 26 Aug 2006

We have two digital cameras. One needs to be on for the wizard "what do you want windows to do?", the other one needs to be off, for that wizard, when connected via usb. Otherwise it always asks for the cd driver that came with your....etc. I keep messing up between them..lol.

So try and connect to pc with camera off then switch camera on or vice verca.

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