Understanding my website activity

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 12:51 17 Mar 2006

Hello all,
Well as most of you will know my website is now up and running. I have made loads of changes in line with suggestions from here (still gonna keep the phasing pages), but I would appriciate opinions on the site. click here.

The above would greatly be appriciated, but the main purpose of the post is to try and get some understanding into my webstats. I was really amazed that I had traffic, but I seem to have had loads. However I know I have been on site tons to check published updates, and wonder if I could filter out these. There also seems to be a lot in a list of 'pages that returned errors (404 etc....'. there are pages on there that I can understand, but there are also pages comming up in this list, that although I have published, have not put a link on my page to them, so I don't understand how they could turn up as being attempted to be viewed

What I would like is if someone would be willing to look at my stats page, and go through it with me so I can understand them, and what I should be doing if there are errors, that are stopping people contacting us. (ie; despite all the visits noone has contacted us through the site). I absolutly acknowledge that I may need much more traffic (My 'wonderful' traffic in my eyes may be miniscule in the eyes of thoes in the know.).
so has anyone got a free hour they could help me I would be forever greatful.

Again in this forums debt


  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 13:29 17 Mar 2006

As posted before I registered my site's .co.uk name with easyspace however in order for them to 'release' it to the host of my .com site they want FIFTY QUID!!!!!!!!

Is there a better way????

  DrScott 17:31 17 Mar 2006

But I notice you're 'sorry for the inconvinience' on your online ordering page. Personally I'm not too keen on the transition effects for whole html pages, but that might just be me :)

As for stats, I use statcounter click here because it lets you filter out IP addresses so you know whether it's you or someone else visiting your link. Also posting here will get a lot of people visiting your site, but forum members may well not be your target audience.

And for your 'release' fee - I suggest you keep it at easyspace for the 2 years, but instead redirect the domain name to point at your .com domain name. This can usually be done fairly easily through the control panel which easyspace should have.

Hope that helps :)

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 19:04 17 Mar 2006

Does the domain (.co.uk) need to be 'hosted'. I just registered the name with them?

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