underlying problem (a Little Long) sorry

  bluegrassandstrippers 13:47 14 May 2006

i recently had a problem getting my internet explorer to log onto its homepage, unable to display would appear, this occurred on both pcs on a network, not too unusual only that other internet based softwares worked fine , upgradewed to IE 7 Beta work on one for about an hour logged off and then it reverted to old habit. Finally did a full restore on both pc while innetworked and got both working fine , installed Panda Titaniun both. Now when I try to read cds or dvd in either drive of pc my desktop screen remains with only the background and no icons and no tool bar, all the original software is reinstalled along with panda. i can view one or two disks but then it leaves a residual of the previous disk info on the drive when viewed in drive expolrer
any ideas

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