loser7 20:42 02 Apr 2005

Could somebody please tell me is it ok to underclock a processor and if so by how much or is there a limit. I understand this will affect the performance but i have a 2.6 cpu and i need it to be clocking under 2.1 to install the version of windows 98 i have.

  dan11 20:57 02 Apr 2005

Sorry M8, but as DieSse has explained. The gigabyte GA- 8SG800 does not support the celeron d 2.66Ghz cpu. click here

Although the board does support 400Mhz, 533Mhz and 800Mhz cpu's it is unfortunate that yours is not listed.:-(

The manual is at click here

There seems to be no motherboard jumpers for the fsb. it seems it is automatic to the bios.

Sorry I can't seem to give you any good news on this:-(

  loser7 21:01 02 Apr 2005

I have the cpu on another board (although i did want to swap them) and i would like to underclock it on the board it works on if possible

  dan11 21:23 02 Apr 2005

So what is the make and model of the board you wish to underclock the cpu on?

I don't know if you could under clock a celeron d, you may be able to drop it down to 400Mhz.:-)

  DieSse 00:54 03 Apr 2005

I don't understand why you need to underclock a CPU to run Win98 - can you explain where you found this information please.

  goonerbill © ® 01:01 03 Apr 2005

????? underclock CPU so you can load win98 onto pc. i agree with DieSse, where did you here about this jem of a fact from, most intreged to read this artical, as win98 should run on all the latest systems (not to sure about athlon64's though).

  Forum Editor 01:01 03 Apr 2005

do I. Why do you think you have to do this, loser7?

  loser7 15:03 03 Apr 2005

Ok guys this may seem stupid but thats prob because i am clueless when it come to computers. I thought underclocking might work as i have 2.6 celeron D ASRock P4 motherboard and i tried to install win98, it seemed to install ok then when it boots i receive this error message: While initializing device NDIS: Windows protection error. You need to restart your computer.
I was given a link to microsoft site where i read this is caused by trying to install my win98 on a computer with a cpu that runs at 2.2ghz or faster. In my ignorance i thought if i could underclock my cpu this would be a quick solution.

  DieSse 20:24 03 Apr 2005

Give us the link to the note you looked at - I'd like to read it, please.

  VoG II 20:33 03 Apr 2005

Previous thread click here

  sidecar sid 20:40 03 Apr 2005

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