Under Attack!

  Time Traveller 08:13 23 Dec 2009

my husband's comp has AVG 9 free andysit is working fine . windows swecurity says he has no virus protection. he has all sorts come thru last night and it says on windowa that he is in serious danger
rootkit win32 Agent.pp
net worm win.32 Dip.Net.cl
email-worm.win32.net Sky.q
Trojan horse JS.Multi.ca
Virus.Win32.Gp code.ak
Net-worm.Win32 mytob.t
ran avc it found and removeed trojan horse SHeur2.camm
Stil says he has Big problems and says to installl anti viras asap
what can he do?
He has disconnected the router cable

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:30 23 Dec 2009

He has contracted a rogue trojan security warning and does not have the viruses mentioned. Download malawarebytes from click here (the free version). Update it from the net and run the scan. Delete all it finds.


  Time Traveller 08:47 23 Dec 2009

It seems real enough?? says OS is defenseless and should install antivirus software...but he has AVG?? in the security centre it says it has no antivisus protection
Should he use Spyeware Terminator 2.6, as you have mentioned on others threads, instead of avg or as well as??

  Time Traveller 08:49 23 Dec 2009

Currently running Malwarebytes as I write this

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:06 23 Dec 2009

It is not real, the programme is referred to as 'ransomware', where it will disable parts of the computer and spew out fake alerts. I would use AVG, spyware terminator (free version) and have malawarebytes as a backup. Spyware terminator operates in real time as does AVG. However all anti spyware programmes are useless if you agree to run a trojan programme. They come in the form of 'would you like a free registry scan/virus scan' etc.
You should also rum MB in safe mode as well and then do a scan with Spyware terminator after updating it.
Use Ccleaner click here to clean out all the rubbish.


  Joe G 13:39 23 Dec 2009

Same thing happend to me a while ago - had to run Malwarebytes in safe mode to get rid of it - and manually delete it from the registry!

  Time Traveller 08:00 26 Dec 2009

Thanks for all the help. he has done all , except he cannot get XP Pro. to open in Safe mode(tried tapping f8 at power up) just gives 3 options to boot Floppy, disk or hard drive. Also MS Security center will not open. what is MS Security essentials? shoud he install this?

  fsbb 09:51 26 Dec 2009

The most simplest solution to try first is a System Restore to restore your system back to a date when it was working OK. This will restore the registry (where the rogue files have probably installed themselves) and critical system files.

I always do a restore first and in most cases it resolves the problem.

  Time Traveller 11:37 27 Dec 2009

Thanks Marg7...he has now run Mb,SW terminator & C cleaner all in safe mode...But still MS security center will not show Antivirus And says it is not open. I ask again, what is MS Security essentials and should he install it?
He now has both AVG 9 & Spyeware Terminator running antivirus, is this ok?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:50 27 Dec 2009

MS security essentials is the latest offering from Micro soft as an antivirus and antispyware, all reports so far are good.

If you install it you MUST uninstall AVG first or they will clash

You should only run one Antivirus program at once.

  Demora 11:53 27 Dec 2009

MS Security essentials is a real time virus protection programme and its Free. For more info click here

BUT its not recommended to use more than one virus programme.


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