Undelivered Mail

  Spr 16:55 04 Jul 2007

Today I have received 58 Undelivered Mail with my e-ail address which I have not sent.

They come from various address I.E.




To name but a few, can you tell me how someone is using my e-mail address

  interzone55 17:23 04 Jul 2007

Sounds like someone who has your email address in their address book as got a virus.

I'd start contacting your friends to get them to do a virus check

  jarani 17:46 04 Jul 2007

spr - you don't say which ISP you are with

I am with Orange and get these by the gallon

the other day I received some 2,400 in one hour between 10 and 11 pm - this is spam and nothing to do with with you or your friends - fortunately Orange filter these but that night I received some 600 in my inbox and 1,800 in my junk box - you will find that most of these do not originate from your or your friends' addresses

I came to the conclusion that I need to change my ISP because changing you email address does not solve the problem, particularly with Orange which uses generic addresses - jarani

  jarani 17:52 04 Jul 2007

ps - my normal daily ration is about 4 in my inbox and some 50 in my junk box - jarani

  jarani 20:02 05 Jul 2007

I have just received 500 spam emails - mostly re undelivered mail - some in French - some in German - some in Chinese characters - 160 in my inbox - 360 in my junk box - what advantage does it offer to anyone ? - I am confused - jarani

  Jackcoms 20:32 05 Jul 2007

"what advantage does it offer to anyone ?"

It is not designed to offer any "advantage" to anyone.

It is simply spam/junk which only serves to clog up and slow down internet traffic.

Some people have a strange sense of humour.

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