Undeletable folder

  radi8or 07:56 22 Sep 2006

Hi all,

I have a folder with a lot of unzipped downloads
when I try to open it get an error message,

"F:\Unzipped is not accessible.The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.

If I try to delete it another error message

F:\Cannot delete Unzipped: The directory is not empty"

Unzipped is the name of the folder,(imaginative eh) it's a backup
copy on an external backup drive, OS is XP Home

Anyone know how I can get rid of it,the folder not XP

Regards Bob

  johnnyrocker 08:10 22 Sep 2006

try using safe mode, ie keep pressing F8 during boot up.


  radi8or 08:20 22 Sep 2006

Thanks for response JR tried that, as administrator, same messages.

cheers Bob

  VoG II 08:39 22 Sep 2006
  FatboySlim71 08:51 22 Sep 2006

Re VoG advice about using unlocker, I use it and it should solve your problem, sometimes you will have to restart your pc for the deletion to take affect, but the unlocker program will tell you this, unlocker is a really good program for problems like yours and for files/folders that say when you try to delete them "cannot delete file/folder is in use".

  radi8or 08:59 22 Sep 2006

Thanks for response VoG™,

Ran your link but came up "No locking handle detected" tried to delete it from the options, pop up said "Object was deleted" but it's still there.

Anything else in your arsenal of fixes.

Cheers Bob

  radi8or 09:24 22 Sep 2006


'Unlocker' didn't say to restart,but have done it twice for good measure, but it's still there.

Not sure if the 'folder is in use' applies to this situation as it's corrupted, bit of a catch 22 here, can't open it to empty it, can't delete it because it's not empty.

Will leave unticked for now in case you/someone has any more suggestions

Thanks for your time

Cheers Bob

  rdave13 09:45 22 Sep 2006

Try downloading click here and use its uninstaller.

  Bruz 09:51 22 Sep 2006

I repaired XP Pro SP2 instead of reformating my hard drive and I now have bigger problems than I had before, Ive had to un-install and delete everything ADOBE from my hard drive. I have cleared everything Adobe from the registry. Now every time I open a desktop item Adobe tries to install Acrobat 7.07. Also it will not reinstall some Adobe programs it says they are already on the drive?
Any one got any ideas

  radi8or 10:14 22 Sep 2006

You'll get a better response if you start a new topic.

Have you tried reinstalling Adobe?

Regards Bob

  radi8or 10:25 22 Sep 2006


Have tried uninstalling with two other uninstall
progs Ashampoo Uninstaller and System Mechanic
no go.

I have found a way around it, as I said it's a copy on a external disk for backup so I moved everything I wanted to a new backup folder on PC
and formatted the external drive and replaced all from new folder plus a fresh copy of 'Unzipped'

Seems to have sorted it, just going to see if everything works.

Thanks all for input

Regards Bob

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