Undeletable Files on hard drive

  wescliff 23:09 22 Feb 2014

I recently had to bin a laptop that was past rescuing, but as it had a 1Tb drive in it that was recovered and put in a caddy. There was still a heck of a lot on it that I want to keep so I decided not to format, but simply delete all of the old operating system and programs. Problem is there are a great many files that won't delete and keep telling me I need permission from TrustedInstaller before they will go. So I go through the motions - change ownership - apply permissions etc, and they still won't go. Just keep telling me I need permission from myself. I think the problem is that my username on the binned laptop, and that on the desktop I am using are the same, and I don't know which is which. I've been lucky with some folders, and individual files seem to go ok, but there are 1000's of these. I have all the rubbish in one folder and would simply like to delete that. Please can anyone help. The only other option is to move what I want to keep elsewhere, format and move it back again, but that would take weeks. Thanks

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:11 23 Feb 2014

MechKB, use the hyperlink button to enter URLs, like this: Unlocker.

  Batch 11:56 23 Feb 2014

Have you considered copying all of the stuff that you want off the disk, then deleting all the partitions off the disk, re-partitioning and then copying the stuff you want to keep back on to the disk. A much cleaner solution IMHO.

  wescliff 14:44 23 Feb 2014

Thank you. There are reports of Unlocker installing other things as well, so will dig deeper before trying it. I have thought of the format/partition options but there is so much to move and move back again. There is also the 30Gb OEM recovery partition on the rescued drive. As far as I know I will need to use Diskpart to sort this one out, unless anyone knows different.

  wescliff 15:05 23 Feb 2014

OK, installed Unlocker - avoided the toolbar etc and have now got rid of 12gb of rubbish that wouldn't go yesterday. Thank you all.

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