JerryH 09:16 04 Apr 2008

Amongst the 40-odd junk emails I receive each day I have received one from a sender with a jumble of letters and symbols, which repeat themselves in what seems to be an infinite string. The subject is entitled "enadstrk". When i try to delete it, I get a message: "Out of memory or system resources. Close some windows or programs and try again", which is manifest rubbish.

Does this happen because the sender-name is indeed infinite? Any ideas as to what this is? Is it dangerous (NB. I have Zonealarm and have just run another virus check with nil result)? And how can I delete it?

  johnnyrocker 09:26 04 Apr 2008

try safe mode?


  Technotiger 09:36 04 Apr 2008

When you run your virus check, turn off System Restore first then run the check. Don't forget to turn System Restore back on afterwards.

I would also seriously re-think you overall internet security settings, and your internet browsing habits. 40 junk mails a day seems quite incredible to me - I don't get that many in 6 months!

  birdface 09:48 04 Apr 2008

I use E-Prompter for my e-mails.Any junk mails I get.I just delete from there.And any that you leave gets transferred to your normal e-mail account.Like Technotiger say's 40 a day is bad I am also lucky to receive that amount in 6 months.

  birdface 10:25 04 Apr 2008

If it was a virus your Anti-Virus program should have stopped it.What anti-virus do you use.Now I used to get messages something similar.E-mail folder is almost full remove saved e-mails as mail box is almost full.Something like that.I suppose it all depends what your e-mail program is and how to empty it or reduce the size of it.If only the one E-mail that you cannot delete it does look a bit suspicious.Can you move it to your deleted items folder.Then set it to delete at log off.

  keef66 13:10 04 Apr 2008

have you tried holding down the shift key when hit delete?

  wee eddie 13:21 04 Apr 2008

If it is on OE or similar.

Go to your ISP's Web Site and delete it from there.

  johnnyrocker 14:36 04 Apr 2008

wont be available as already downloaded?


  JerryH 15:30 04 Apr 2008

Thanks for all the interest in this! Replying to each in order:
1. Johnnyrocker, why should safe mode help? It won't delete this strange email (which in fact if let in "Deleted" folder, seems to cause no problems at all).
2. Technotiger, before I start the tedious virus check, why should turning off Sys Restore improve the virus check? Next, my internet settings are "medium-high" and if I set them lower it would not reduce the junk volume! Why I get so much junk, I know not; I am an average surfer and do not visit teenage-type sites or porn sites, etc, and never open junk emails - which seem to go in phases as to apparent subject matter. 3.

  Ditch999 15:36 04 Apr 2008

In Outlook Express go to Edit > Find > Message then type in the sender or subject or some way of finding it, then highlight it and hit the delete button on your keyboard. Make sure you are searching in the correct folder eg Inbox or where ever it is stored.
Works sometimes.

  JerryH 15:43 04 Apr 2008

Sorry - ran out of characters!
3. Buteman, I use ZoneAlarm, which sifts junk efficiently; but I want to get rid of this undeletable email (if I can reduce the junk torrent, marvellous, too!). I have moved it to my "Deleted" folder: how to set it to "delete at log off"?
4. Keef66, no effect!
5. Wee eddie, my ISP is BTinternet, but I've already downloaded this email, so it doesn't show there, as johnnyrocker has commented.

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