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  SmithG1955 23:32 05 Jan 2004

Hi I originally posted this problem back in November but thought I had resolved it when I purchased a new CPU. However having purchased and fitted a new cpu I still have no monitor signal both the power supply and heatsink fans are working and there appears to be disk activity at power on but the system still won't boot. At first I had a steady red and green light on the front of the case but after replacing the data cable and disconnecting the cdrom I now have just the green light on all the time - and no beep. Is there any way to check the power supply? Could the motherboard be dead. Everything was working reasonably fine until I decided to change the heatsink and fan in November.

  Forum Editor 00:39 06 Jan 2004

there's a chance that the motherboard (or the RAM)is in trouble. Do you get any POST (Power On Self Test) information at all when you try to boot? If you don't, something is fundamentally wrong. There are some things you can try:-

1. Replace the CMOS battery - they're easy to obtain from any computer shop, and sometimes jewellers have them as well.

2. Carefully check every single connector on the motherboard - it's surprising how easy it is to overlook a loose cable.

When you say that you replaced "the data cable" what do you mean exactly - which cable was it?

  SmithG1955 23:12 07 Jan 2004

The cable I replaced was the ide cable from the m/board to the hdd. The monitor displays 'no signal' permanently. What's the best way to find out if its the m/board or the RAM.

  woodchip 23:20 07 Jan 2004

Remove all drive connectors and try to get a post

  woodchip 23:27 07 Jan 2004

PS have you got the drive cables the right way round the ribbon red wire should go to pin "one on the motherboard" and next to the power cable on the drive

  SmithG1955 23:33 07 Jan 2004

Ribbon cable only connects one way due to missing pin and plastic cut outs around connector.

  DieSse 23:37 07 Jan 2004

I've had two systems in exactly this state today. One was the processor, replacing it and the system powered straight up correctly.

The second was a faulty processor - but looks like other faults on the motherboard now it boots up (no keyboard, and it fails to fully boot.)

So - what I'm saying is, a number of different things can cause the same symptoms - and you'll only find which by changing things one at a time.

  SmithG1955 19:32 09 Jan 2004

Replaced CMOS battery checked RAM in another system and removed m/board for observation. It appears that when I removed the original heatsink I slipped of the clamp and gouged through 6 0r 7 copper tracks. Looks like I need a new motherboard. Does any one know where I can get one which is compatible with a Duron 1600 cpu, PC133 SDRAM and has onboard audio/graphics and 4 USB ports.

  Rayuk 19:41 09 Jan 2004

Only 2 usb ports though and a budget board
click here

  R4 19:44 09 Jan 2004

Try Here :- click here?

or here
click here

or just wander up to PC World if your want it 'today'

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