Uncontrolled Mouse Scrolling

  Abel 10:10 11 Nov 2009

I’ve just upgraded to IE8. Since then, when I use the scroll wheel on my mouse, which is set to scroll one line at a time, the scrolling continues for a further 3 to 4 lines. I’ve changed my mouse to ensure it was not the culprit, but still the unwanted scrolling goes on. Has anyone else experienced this, and is there a known solution?


  howard64 10:45 11 Nov 2009

try clicking the actual scroll wheel itself as if it were a switch.

  Abel 11:10 11 Nov 2009

howard64, no joy I'm afraid. All that happens is the normal pointer changes to the four-way symbol, but instead of enabling movement either left, right or back and forth it simplly remains static. However, that simbol works perfectly well on other applications.


  birdface 11:26 11 Nov 2009

Control panel.Mouse.Wheel.Mine is set to scroll 3 lines at a time maybe you could change it to whatever you want it to do.

  Abel 11:33 11 Nov 2009

Hello buteman. Yes, I've done that, but still it doesn't stop scrolling at the number of line I've set.


  birdface 12:59 11 Nov 2009

Maybe a defrag or give Winaso optimizer trial version a run,It only repairs 10 items at a time but you can run it as often as you like.
Maybe roll back the driver for it or delete the driver and let Microsoft update it.
Have you got Compatibility view ticked under tools.
Now updating to IE8 used to turn some of the add-ons off.Although they were showing in add 0ns the files were empty so maybe have a look in there.Maybe just needing enabled.

  Abel 14:32 11 Nov 2009

buteman I've defragged the hard drive, run the registry element of CCleaner, as opposed to Winaso, as well as clicking the Compatability View button, but still the problem persists. Which driver are you talking about, and where are the add-ons you speak of?


  User-1229748 14:44 11 Nov 2009

i used to have a similar problem and found that unchecking the smooth scroll box in tools-internet options-advanced gave me control of my scrolling back

  Abel 14:51 11 Nov 2009

Done what you suggested smackheadz but still no difference.


  provider 2 16:24 11 Nov 2009

Sounds as if you need a new mouse. The one you have is doing the "third click" i.e. clicking down on the scroll wheel, by itself.

By design, the click down produces a small circle with up/down arrows and the up/down function can be activated simply by moving the cursor. (Firefox ... IE may be a little different.)

  Abel 17:03 11 Nov 2009

without being rude provider 2, I suggest you look at my original post.


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