UnBlock all soical websites in my Office domain system

  sportivehari 11:01 03 May 2013

Hi, Am facing main problem is that unable to open the social websites in my office.( We are not using proxy)

Actually am working in a corporate company. So am working with related branch to main Office its have 200 km distance. We are using Domain technology.

  So in my branch office we have 85 systems in domain. In this 85 systems we have 15 systems for internet. In this 15 systems we are unable to open Social websites like Facebook.com, YouTube.com, etc. 

Am tried to open the social websites from other proxy sites but that also not working.

So please tell me how can open all websites in my office , at least please tell me how can they block social websites.

i hope on your result .

        Thanks in advance.
  northumbria61 11:11 03 May 2013

I don't know anything about your problem but you may want to take a look here enter link description here

  woodchip 11:36 03 May 2013

It sounds like your Administrator as blocked them for a reason that we cannot help you with

  Devil Fish 19:25 03 May 2013

It is not uncommon for companies to block social networking on their systems firstly for security reasons and secondly they don't want their staff chatting on twitter Facebook etc when they are supposed to be working

you will need to speak to your system administrator about the blocks but pretty certain at least one of above will be quoted if not both

good luck

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