unbelievable price for blank DVDs!

  GEEKSTA 23:36 12 Feb 2008

Ive just seen a pack of 50 DVD-R for 4.97! in currys ,thats nearly 10 pence a disc, the cheapest ive seen!

click here=

But i want to know if the brand name "PC Line" are any good in terms of quailty and long lasting??


  johnnyrocker 23:37 12 Feb 2008

my experiences of pc line stuff varies from quite good to crap


  Totally-braindead 23:42 12 Feb 2008

Agree with johnnyrocker I'm afraid I had one lot that were fine and another lot the were rubbish. I am talking about CDRs and not DVDs but the principles the same.

  GEEKSTA 23:45 12 Feb 2008

ok thanks for that.

But now ive found even cheaper. This time panasonic for 7.8 pence per disc.

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any views on panasonic??

  Totally-braindead 00:24 13 Feb 2008

Never had Panasonic ones personally.

Just now I'm using Datasafe and they are ok. Infiniti are good, Tescos own brand worked fine for me but a friend had problems with them.

I think a lot depends on the writer. Maybe I'm lucky but my writer appear to work with everything.

Only thing I did notice with Datasafe was they are rated as 16x but if I burn at 16x they fail, drop burning speed to 8x and they are fine. The only ones I have had so far that said they were 16x and burned at this speed was Infiniti Samurai.
Therefore I conclude the Infiniti ones are better quality.

  Sparkly 08:34 13 Feb 2008

Same here thought i was being clever buying there brand of cd's and also printer cartridges (compatable) a waste of money imo.

  rickf 09:20 13 Feb 2008

Once you have added £2.99 delivery it becomes a standard deal. Computer Fairs are selling branded ones for about the same price and you can have your pick.

  gazzaho 09:31 13 Feb 2008

They may be fine but I wouldn't store important information on them, I'm not saying they're bad, just that the ink used in them may not stand up to a lot of repeat use. I use Datawrite Titanium 8x a lot which some people don't like and I haven't had one fail yet, If I need to store impotant information however then I will only use Taiyo Yuden disks or disks that use that type of ink as, from what I've read they seem to be the best.

  Stuartli 09:59 13 Feb 2008

Infiniti, as with Imation, are good because of the connection with Taiyo Yuden, perhaps the best media manufacturer in the world...:-)

Never had a coaster with either brand in many years of using both CD and DVD media.

The 7DayShop website is down at present so I can't check out its prices for comparison with those mentioned by GEEKSTA.

infiniti dvd-r professional 50 pack from 7 day
click here

  manrow 10:14 13 Feb 2008

Maybe just because I also have a Panasonic DVD recorder underneath the television, but never had a failure yet with Panasonic disks.

See they have sold out at Currys!!

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