Unbelievable Broadband Price Package!!

  cubeladd 17:49 26 Feb 2004

This deal seems to good to be true! I can't find anything that beats this price for a 2Mbit connection.

click here

You have to pay £29.38 for activation and supply your own modem, but it's still a whole lot cheaper than the next cheapest £54 package from click here The only other ISP I know of that that offers 2Mbit access in the UK is click here which is a pay-as-you-go service with a maximum cost of £119 a month! Fast24 is also only £2.50 more than AOLs 1Mbit service and £2.50 cheaper than 1Mbit from BT!

I just hope I will be able to receive it in my area. Anyway, tell me what you think.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:13 26 Feb 2004

Contention rates 0f 50:1. The 20:1 rates cost £69 ish/month. In theory you could be on 40kbps and as it is cheap you probably will be.


  Gongoozler 19:38 26 Feb 2004

With a 3 month contract, it could be worth trying it as long as you're prepared to risk the £141 it will cost you before you can cancel.

  cubeladd 19:55 27 Feb 2004


Could you explain what contention rates are? I noticed the other package was much more expensive than the other at the same speeds. I know it's got something to do with the volume of users slowing the server down, but I'm not entirely sure what the ratios mean.

  -Beb- 20:11 27 Feb 2004

I think its something like how many other people are using the same line, so 50:1 would be 50 others using it, and if all 50 were saturating their bandwidth, then you will have really low speed

  Gongoozler 20:16 27 Feb 2004

The contention ratio is the number of users sharing the bandwidth. If you are on a 500k line and have a contention ratio of 50:1, then if all 50 users are downloading at the same time, you would theoretically only have a 10k line each. In practice this rarely happens, and most of the time you will get the full bandwidth. If it is vital to have the full bandwidth at all times, you would have to pay a lot more money to have sole use of the 500k bandwidth. click here and click here

  slimbo51 20:18 27 Feb 2004

NTL use contention rates of 20:1

On a 10mb line 20 people share it to give you 500k bandwidth on each.

Since they upped the speed to 600k not sure if they increased the band/w or reduced the number of bods on each branch.

  cubeladd 14:33 28 Feb 2004

Would it be a safe bet for me to get a 50:1 connection or would this slow down too often? Ideally I would like to get a 20:1 ratio, but the prices seem very expensive to guarantee this. As I will probably leave my computer on most of the day for downloading what do you reccomend?

  Chegs ® 16:13 28 Feb 2004

I would definately go for the 20:1 ratio,I have experienced these over subscribed lines,and only time I got anything near the speeds I was paying for,was between 2:00am and 5:00am!

  cubeladd 16:29 28 Feb 2004

Thanks Chegs,

Any advice on the cheapest 20:1 1Mbit service? All the ones I have looked at seem very expensive!

  cubeladd 16:32 28 Feb 2004

Just outta interest chegs, how much did your 50:1 line slow down by from what your speed was supposed to be?

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