unauthorised neighbour on my home network

  notpcsavvy 08:37 22 Jan 2014

Hi, I logged on to my router the other day and was just really having a look around to familiarise myself with it. I became concerned when I noticed a neighbours name 'Arthurs-iPhone' in the Home Network. This person lives about 200-300mtrs away form me and has visited my home on numerous occassions. I have now deleted him form my Home Network but I am worried my privacy may have been compromised. Should I be worried? Any help much appreciated.

  onthelimit1 10:48 22 Jan 2014

He will not pick up a signal from that distance. He must have logged into your router when he was with you. If you are concerned, change the wireless password in the router. If you're not sure how to do this, post the make and model of your router here

  iscanut 11:32 22 Jan 2014

I agree with onthelimit1, he must have accessed your network when in your house and he must have got hold of your router login somehow unless you had forgotten you told him. You need to change your router wireless login password. Also have a word with Arthur and tell him what you have found. I should not worry too much about invasion of privacy. He cannot get into what's on your pc.

  spuds 09:58 23 Jan 2014

Agree with the above comments. I had an 'IT' expert look at one on my computer's a year or so ago. It was only recently I found out that he had left 'his trademark' on the computer involved.

  Ventad 13:24 23 Jan 2014

You did not say what ISP you are with, BT for instance allows people to share your BB as an open wifi using only a small amount of your wave band so if Arthur is on BT as well his phone will automatically log in when close.

I went over to sort out a neighbours network and notice that when my son was in my house his phone had automatically logged in to his open network this entirely different to your private network, my son was also on BT. This can be turned off on the Router but if everybody turned it off there would not be BT WIFI hotspots all around the country.

As a safety you should always change the login password to your Router

  Ventad 15:49 23 Jan 2014

notpcsavvy & ßeta

My apologies,

I only went over to connect up his new wifi printer and looked into his router for him and was quite suprised that my sons phone was logged and assumed wrongly as we are in an isolated place that all connections are logged. It must have been on automatic via my sons phone as if he wanted to use it back at that time he would have logged into my wifi which is much quicker.

Must have been set up wrong by BT or his teenage G/C had changed some settings to get their equipment working. A few weeks later he had the router upgraded and came off of BTfon.

  notpcsavvy 08:10 25 Jan 2014

Thank you so much to all who responded. In response to ventad, we are with Plusnet, don't know about neighbour. First things first........we change our router password. Currently I am having fun trying to familiarise myself with 'Event Viewer' Lots of interesting stuff here but all you techies will know this already. I use Youtube as my tutor, and much like Sat Nav, I don't know how I managed to live without it before its conception :) The more I learn, the less I know. And what I don't know makes me paranoid. Thanks again, and for the sake of keeping us silver surfers safe, please keep up the good work.

  onthelimit1 08:50 25 Jan 2014

'silver surfers '

I think most of us are in that category!

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