Unanswered Posts

  Pesala 18:53 24 Aug 2006

Suggestion: It would be useful to have some kind of filter to quickly locate unanswered posts. Perhaps something like the column headings in Your Postings.

Even better would be if one clicked on Search without entering any search text.

  Altruist 19:07 24 Aug 2006

a good idea.

  howard63 19:11 24 Aug 2006

what I find annoying is someone asking for help and then not responding at all to any help that has been put forward. Just look at the number of posts with just 1 reply but nothing back from the originator. It is useful for us that try to help to see if we were on the right lines given that quite often the way the problem is put is vague.

  Forum Editor 19:14 24 Aug 2006

That kind of thing has happened ever since the forum began, and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

  Forum Editor 19:15 24 Aug 2006

I often take a look for those, and don't seem to have any difficulty finding them. I just flick throuhg the forum pages and scan down the right-hand side looking for zeros. It takes very little time.

  Pesala 20:47 25 Aug 2006

That is what I do too, but it would be a lot quicker to scan ten or twenty posts than ten pages. All it needs is a link like this:

click here

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