Unable to view my created DVD's in Windows Vista

  valbv 22:45 17 May 2009

Using my laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium I have created some DVD's from old video tapes using Pinnacle Studio 11. I was able to view the first 3 in both Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center on the laptop. Later I created 2 more which will not play in either of these options. The disks spin and then stop, but no picture. However, all 5 will play perfectly in Windows Media Player on my desktop running Windows XP Home Edition XP2 (upto date), and on the home DVD player attached to the TV. I have tried restore to an earlier date on the laptop but the options only go back about 10 days. Is it possible that I have a glitch in the Windows Vista program? I have a recovery disk with Vista Home Premium, but not sure how it works. I don't want to go back to factory settings if avoidable. Can anyone help please.

  birdface 09:12 19 May 2009

Flash program is causing a lot of problems especially with Vista.It may not be your problem but some are unable to use flash as it will say it has been updated but does not work.
best to run any program you know that uses flash to see if it works.

  birdface 09:14 19 May 2009

Googled.click here=

  Terminus90 19:38 20 May 2009
  brundle 20:02 20 May 2009

Flash has nothing to do with viewing video, except embedded in webpages.
Do the problems discs appear with relevant name(s) when you click on "Computer" in the Start Menu to view the connected drives? If they don't show up at all in Explorer that discounts a "video" problem..

  valbv 16:11 21 May 2009

To Buteman. Many thanks for your response, I have checked the flash player which seems OK but I think it is not responsible for the failure of Windows Media Center or Windows Media Player since they are playing dvd's from my collection of films.

  valbv 16:38 21 May 2009

To brundle. Many thanks for your response. On clicking 'Computer' in the Start Menu the drive is shown and the name I created of the video on the DVD disk. On clicking Play, the computer chooses Win DVD 8. The disk spins and stops and the logo of Win DVD 8 displays 'Stop' (in green print) in the top left. Clicking on the play arrow starts the disk spinning again and then 'stop' reappears. In both Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player the disk spins and then stops (no other message). In these programs under File, the disk drive letter appears with the disk name as 'Unknown Disk'. As I said originally, the disk plays happily in a DVD Player coupled to the TV.

  valbv 17:45 21 May 2009

To Terminus90. Many thanks for you response. I tried the program 'AVS' but it not automatically recognise the DVD. When I opened the search and found the disk drive and opened the dvd file it displays VideoTS and AudioTS files. Could this be the cause, because neither of these are types of programs ( i.e. avi, mpeg etc) but are the components.

  brundle 19:24 21 May 2009

The folders you mention are the correct ones for a DVD video disc. What brand of DVD disc are you using?

  valbv 23:19 22 May 2009

To brundle. Verbatim DVD-R. However these were also used for the earlier DVD's I mentioned in my initial post. I have just created an avi file in Pinnacle Studio 11 and then burned it using Nero Essentials and that works with Media Player and Media Center! In the recent past I used Infiniti DVD-R disks with no trouble.
To all other responders please note I am off line from Sunday for 6 days but will respond to all who add their comments when I return.

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