Unable to use DVD Disk

  Scousefire 16:13 14 May 2009

Hi Guys...

This is my first post to this forum, so forgive my PC ignorance!
I have never been able to play DVDs on my PC (Windows XP) and this has never bothered me, however I have been sent a CD with hi-quality images on, but it is a DVD disk which my PC doesnt recognise.
Is there anything I can download to allow it?

Thanks in advance

  BT 16:58 14 May 2009

Most importantly, is your drive a CD or a DVD drive? If its only a CD drive it won't read DVD discs. If its a DVD drive it should read DVD and CD discs.

  john bunyan 17:01 14 May 2009

Assuming you have a DVD rom drive at least, and assuming this is, say, drive D. If you go to Start, My computer,then right click on D (or the letter of your DVD drive, then left click on explore, you should be able to copy files to a folder on your Hard drive - suggest you create one first in "My Pictures" called, say, "Imports from DVD1". I assume you have some form of photo editing software?

  Scousefire 17:10 14 May 2009

I'm afraid I suspect I dont actually have a DVD drive? If this is the case, are they easily obtainable and easy to install?

  BT 17:15 14 May 2009

Drives are fairly cheap and easy to install, a couple of screws and a couple of cables to plug in.

See here for some idea of whats available

click here

  john bunyan 17:44 14 May 2009

Are we talking of a desktop or laptop? How have you installed programmes up to now?

  oldbeefer2 19:46 14 May 2009

If you have (or install) a DVD drive and want to play DVDs, you will need software to do it; there are loads of freebies eg, click here

  Scousefire 19:57 14 May 2009

Thanks for the pointers guys, much appreciated. John, it's a desktop mate, The only programmes I have installed up to now are the easy one's which you save and run and then restart - as I say, my PC knowledge could fit on the back of a stamp!

  john bunyan 21:29 14 May 2009

We all started the same! The desktop - does it have any slots in the front? The programmes - did they come on DVD's or as downloads, or were they supplied on the PC hard drive? Let's take it one step at a time. Do you know the PC's model name?

  tullie 19:16 21 May 2009

Was this resolved?

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