Unable to upgrade to XP from Me

  Jim Sadler 15:22 05 Jan 2003
  Jim Sadler 15:22 05 Jan 2003

Hello Folks
Here's a lengthy request I tried to post to Microsoft, unsuccessfully I might add. It can be opened with Wordpad.
I'm hoping you will be able to help me with a problem concerning my efforts to upgrade from Windows Me to Windows XP Home using the full XP Home disk and not the upgrade disk.
My system consists of a 900 mhz Athlon processor with 768mb of 133 RAM, and an nVidia GForce 4 graphics card sitting in an Abit KT7 RAID motherboard running Windows Me.
I downloaded Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 316639, 'Prepare to Upgrade Windows Me to Windows XP', and followed all the instructions after having upgraded my Award BIOS from ID-TL to ID-A9 to cover the incompatibility issue between my graphics card and Windows XP.
Just as the XP screen was beginning to appear the following stop message came up on a blue screen:
0x0000007B (0xF797E63C, 0x00000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000
I downloaded Article 324103 'Troubleshoot "Stop 0x0000007B" Errors in Windows XP'. It offered no solutions.
Downloaded the following Articles:
310064 'Troubleshoot Windows XP Problems During Upgrade From Windows Me'
194846 'How To Make Your CD-ROM Accessible In Safe Mode'
267288 'How To Perform A Clean Boot In Windows Me'
I tried all solutions in the above articles but still got the same result, the Stop message just after the XP screen was beginning to appear.
Finally I formatted my hard drive and reloaded Windows Me so the only data on the hard drive was the operating system: no programmes or hardware drivers. The hardware compatibility list showed only the Standard VGA Driver.
A further attempt to install XP had exactly the same result as above.
I downloaded Article 299340 'How To Force A Hardware Abstraction Layer etc.' and chose item 3 on the list 'ACPI - PC'. The result was the same with the XP screen and the Stop message.
I would be grateful for any suggestions on how I may upgrade my PC from one Microsoft operating system to another when the only data on the hard drive is the operating system.
My XP installation disk has no marks or scratches.
I'm unable to get any help from Microsoft (how unusual) as, not being able to install XP, I am not able to find out the product number.
Thanking you - Jim Sadler

  AndySD 15:32 05 Jan 2003

Start the PC and go into the BIOS and set it to Default now check that there isnt a bios virus checker... if there is disable it. Save and Exit and try again.

  BRYNIT 15:45 05 Jan 2003

As per AndySD
Also try copying XP CD to hard drive and run from hear.

  AndySD 15:46 05 Jan 2003

If still no go then try setting the FSB on the Motheroard to 100 you can reset it back if it still doesnt load.

  mark3110 16:05 05 Jan 2003

IF you have a full version of XP why are you trying to upgrade through ME?

Set your bios to boot from the CD and do a clean install of XP, maybe it will go through.



  golfpro 16:17 05 Jan 2003

If your XP disc is "NEW" then do a clean install (after backing-up all your data), if you still have problems go to the shop where you bought the program and ask them to do the install, the y may charge but it won't be much.

  misery 16:25 05 Jan 2003

have a separate partition for XP to reside? Xp will run better without another O/S on the same partition.

  Jim Sadler 12:49 06 Jan 2003

Thanks Andy SD, Brynit, Mark 3110, Golfpro, & Misery

Many thanks indeed for your suggestions. I will try them all.
Golfpro, I bought XP in the UK but I live in Spain. I'll try the clean install again.
Jim Sadler

  Jim Sadler 10:10 08 Jan 2003

Hi Chaps
Unfortunately none of your excellent solutions worked so it seems I've wasted £160 odd on another crock of s--t from Microsoft.
No wonder Gates is a billionaire.
Jim Sadler

  Kobayashimaru 17:32 08 Jan 2003


Firstly With the introduction of Windows XP Microsoft have made sure that if you purchase a full License (i.e Full Copy) then all you can do is a clean install, that I am sorry to say requires you to completly remove all aspects of the Windows Me from your system (Yes Format).

The second problem that you might find is that if you purchased the full retail in the Uk and are using it in Spain then you could be breaking your EULA (End User License Agreement). Even if you do get Windows XP to install on you machine, when it is time to activate either over the web or by phone Microsoft might decline the activation because you are using it outside of the country that it was licensed in.


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