Unable to update AVG anti-virus

  Non Welsh Local 12:08 25 Mar 2004

I have just checked for an update to the AVG anti-virus database and I get an error message
"Server mis-match!" and then " It seems one of the necessary files is missing".

Has anyone else seen this? I tried searching the archive here but had no matches. I'll also email grisoft.com but in the meantime I was wondering if this has been seen here or whether the fault as such is on my computer.

Note my program version is 6.0.596 and the virus database is 379, release date 26/02/04.

  Pesala 12:15 25 Mar 2004

I don't know what the problem is, but a reinstall will often fix problems.

Downloading updates has been difficult for some time. The load on their servers must be enormous. When we get a large update, like the current one, it is difficult to connect.

click here if you need to download the program again.

  Pesala 12:17 25 Mar 2004
  anon1 12:28 25 Mar 2004

You can always update manually

  Dipso 12:46 25 Mar 2004

I tidied up a relatives PC the other week and installed AVG as they had no AV.

I got the same error messages as you when I attempted to update. I tried again and managed to download the update no probs?

I put it down to the update problems in general but would be interested to know if you get a reply from Grisoft.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:51 25 Mar 2004

There are server problems with AVG. If you try three or four times, in succession there should be no problem.


  terminalfailure 13:32 25 Mar 2004

I had the freeware version for a while and the downloads were always a problem. quite frankly why don't you folks take advantage of the weak dollar. I brought the latest version 7 professional edition and it only cost £21-78 in Feb and has a full support package for two years the downloads are always there and very quick I think if you pay for it you may be on a different server.

  Smiler 14:20 25 Mar 2004

If you look here click here
there are different downloads for different versions and according to this list you need to download the one at the bottom of the page. This possibly why you are getting the error message as the program is trying to download the wrong update.

  TommyRed 15:02 25 Mar 2004

Try this solution, it works brilliantly for me, 1st time, every time. click here HTH TR

  Non Welsh Local 15:05 25 Mar 2004

OK, after several attempts I was finally able to download version 643, virus database 411. Many thanks for the help and the link to the download site.

  Al94 15:18 25 Mar 2004

Thanks TommyRed, your solution works a treat!

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