Unable to update AVG

Following a five day interruption to my broadband (thanks BT!) I could not update my free AVG. I get the message 'An automatic connection to the Internet could not be established'.

I've reinstalled, still the same message. Any previous on this, please?

  Proxy Worm 19:42 26 Mar 2004
  the old man 19:44 26 Mar 2004

I know how you feel I can't even download the software even before trying the updates. something is not right but can't find out why. been getting help but to no avail.

  canard 19:45 26 Mar 2004

There's a magic formula but for the uncertain just keep trying Morning seems best time.

Blimey Charlie!

  Proxy Worm 19:51 26 Mar 2004

Is that a thanks or another comment lol?

  MidgetMan 19:51 26 Mar 2004

been like this for ages, since they were bought out I believe, perhaps they are going to stop the free updates?????

  Quiller. 19:51 26 Mar 2004

Same problems here [email protected]@m for the last 3-4 days.

I will try canard's suggestion and try early in the mornings.

  Proxy Worm 19:53 26 Mar 2004

Mnay pople on this forum have used the link i gave at 19.42 this provides updates first time evrytime.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:54 26 Mar 2004

Try the above suggeation from ProxyWorm and use the default server setting of www. grisoft.com and there will be no problem updating.


  Smiler 19:56 26 Mar 2004

Since starting to use the method given by Proxy Worm's link I've downloaded all updates in seconds (theclick here connection seems to work the best.

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