Unable uninstal Nvidia drivers

  Cesare 07:51 03 Aug 2007

winXPsp2 have Nvidia driver Ver:93/71 for Geforce FX5200 card but it does not show under my ADD/REMOVE. I also tried under TOOLS in cCleaner..not there. How am I going to update my driver without uninstalling the present one? Any ideas please ?

  Halmer 08:07 03 Aug 2007

over the top of existing Nvidia drivers without any problems.

  Stuartli 08:34 03 Aug 2007

A comprehensive and well written guide to completely removing and then installing new nVidia drivers (there's also one for ATi) can be found at:

click here

  Cesare 09:12 03 Aug 2007


  keef66 15:26 03 Aug 2007

Same as Halmer; I have always simply updated Nvidia drivers without uninstalling first. That used to be Nvidia's advice, but maybe they have changed their minds??

  Stuartli 15:50 03 Aug 2007

nVidia's advice has not, to the best of my knowledge, been to install new drivers without first removing the old drivers.

In fact that's why I originally acquired Drive Cleaner Pro (freeware) to remove all traces of nVidia, ATi or other graphics drivers.

nVidia's advice can be found at:

click here

  keef66 16:07 03 Aug 2007

I'm probably showing my age here, but I do remember reading that advice on their website, when the consensus in these forums was to uninstall first

  Cesare 06:32 04 Aug 2007

My question still remains: How do I uninstall the drivers if they do not show on the add/remove control panel ?

  Cesare 10:40 04 Aug 2007

OK I found a way to get it back in ADD/REMOVE. I reinstalled the driver(overwritten).
Has anybody upgraded and tried the new Nvidia Driver Ver 162/71 July26,2007 yet please? Any problems?

  Stuartli 10:47 04 Aug 2007

You'll find various latest nVidia driver versions here:

click here

By going through the graphics cards listing on each driver's download page, you'll find the particular graphics cards models that they support.

Mind you when I had an nVidia graphics card of one flavour or another, the drivers were backwards compatible (a claim that nVidida still makes on its website).

  Cesare 10:59 04 Aug 2007

I find that going on the Nvidia website is easier and safer to get to the right driver for your graphic card.

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