Unable to transfer folders from external HD......

  toni b 19:32 28 Dec 2004

I am currently in the process of transfering some files from my lacie pocket hard drive to my new lacie external hard drive.One of the folders was encrypted using the xp encryption option ,I am unable to tranfer the folder to my new HD ,I have set the folder options to unencrpyted and tried transfering but this does not work .(The folder contains Digital pictures) Also when tranfering my MP3's I get an error message that some of the files names are too long Can anybody help me???. I am using Win XP Pro

  toni b 15:54 29 Dec 2004


  AndySD 15:57 29 Dec 2004

Are both the drives formatted in NTFS?

  toni b 16:05 29 Dec 2004

yes both drives are ntfs format

  AndySD 16:32 29 Dec 2004

Click Start then click on My Computer.

At the top of the My Computer window click on Tools then click on Folder Options.

In the Folder Options window click on the View tab.

Under Advanced Settings scroll down to the bottom and the last option will be “Use simple file sharing (Recommended)”. Uncheck this option.

Click Ok to apply settings and close this window.

Try again

  toni b 16:35 29 Dec 2004

This option was not ticked/

  [email protected] 16:39 29 Dec 2004

Then try ticking this box Sometimes you do the opposite of what you find like reducing the hardware acceleration or saving your e mails on your ISP server you can always switch back

  AndySD 16:51 29 Dec 2004

Ok the filenames too long.... are the files inside multiple folders and you are trying to move them all at the same time by moving the main folder?

Also are the individual files in the encripted folder also encripted and can you move them individualy.

  toni b 16:57 29 Dec 2004

I belive it is something to do with when I encrypted one of the files. I have set folder options to unencrypted on the said folder but when I examined each photo or mp3 individualy they are still encrypted . I have tried decrypting each file individaul but i get this error message for the mp3's "An error occured applying attributes to the file: M:\Ar...\Music Author - Song Name .mp3. Access denied." when I try to play this mp3 it states it is not a regonisble format. My photos are access denied anybody had experinces with decrypting ??....

  AndySD 17:00 29 Dec 2004

Were they encripted on the same pc you are using now?

  toni b 17:01 29 Dec 2004

I am the administrator as it's my Laptop....No one else uses it.

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