Unable to transfer CPT files .

  ened 06:25 08 Dec 2007

Ages ago I used Corel Draw 10 and still have the disc.

I saved loads of files in that format on to cdroms.

I now have a Vista machine and am unable to open them.

I cannot instal Corel because I get this message:

"A required initialization file was not found:

I know the disc is okay because I tried it on an older machine but the Setup file says: SETUP32.exe.

My system is 64bit so I assume that is the problem.

Can anybody help me retrieve these files? I am hoping if I could just open them I should be able to save them in another format.

  MAJ 09:15 08 Dec 2007

Irfanview click here will open CPT files, from there you could re-save them in a different format.

  MAJ 09:26 08 Dec 2007

XNView click here should also be able to open them.

  Diemmess 10:56 08 Dec 2007

If all else fails I use Corel v 10 (Draw and Paint)

Email me (click on the little envelope)and if you attach the file as-is, I should be able to open and Export as a JPG or TIFF whatever back to you.

  Diemmess 10:59 08 Dec 2007

I use v.12 but it should be easy for me.

  Diemmess 11:09 08 Dec 2007

Sorry to have been stupid.
I see now there are "loads of files" involved!

  MAJ 11:25 08 Dec 2007

According to Corel:

"The PROJECT.CSW is an input data file that the SETUP32.EXE uses to define the UI. You can findthe PROJECT.CSW with the Setup source files in the Setup folder. If you run a networkinstallation, the PROJECT.CSW file is copied to the server in the Setup folder"

Maybe you need a "setup64.exe" file to install it on Vista64. You could try copying the CD files to the hard drive and run Corel Draw 10 in XP compatibility mode.

  ened 12:22 08 Dec 2007

Diemmess Thanks for the thought anyway.

MAJ I tried opening them in Irfanview but I will have another look at that now. Maybe I need to go into options first.

  ened 12:30 08 Dec 2007

How do you get Irfanview to display them?

I have got it to see them but it won't open them..."Can't read File Header".

  MAJ 13:45 08 Dec 2007

I just saw that Irfanview and XNView recognised CPT (6.0) files, ened, and thought it might open them. I don't have any CPT files myself to check.

Have you tried installing in compatibility mode yet. If that doesn't work, you'll probably have to convert them on another (32-bit) PC.

  ened 07:16 09 Dec 2007


Thanks for your help.

I'm afraid I am going to hae to give up on this one and find a friend who has CorelDraw installed, because it seems the files just cannot be read.

I tried XNView and it lists .cpt as supported but they aren't really. Maybe it means if you already have Corel on your machine!

Thanks for trying anyway.

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