Unable to switch off my computer

  matsky 22:35 12 Mar 2004

windows 98 64mb ram when i shut down, everything switches off except the base unit which remains with the light on and humming

  LastChip 22:54 12 Mar 2004

Presumably, you can switch it off via the switch.

This is a known problem in Win 98, but this may help.

At the Start: Run: command line, type;

msconfig [OK]

This will launch the System Configuration Utility and on the General Tab, click Advanced. Near the bottom of the options there is a box "Disable Fast Shutdown". Make sure that is ticked.

Let us know if it is already or if it helps please.

  LastChip 23:11 12 Mar 2004

matsky wrote this via e-mail.

"checked and disable fast shutdown is ticked computer shuts down but light and fan stay on?"

So try this.

Before you are about to shutdown, Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete once and the Task Manager will appear. Shutdown everything except, Systray and Explorer, and now se if the computer shuts down correctly. If it does, repeat the operation, adding in one task at a time until you find the culprit.

  TTP 23:28 12 Mar 2004

Just a stab in the dark - is it the main power light , or the hard drive light that stays on and how long has it been like this ? any winupdates/software installed since ? Power lights go like this on my w98 machine: green=on amber=standby nolight=off. It sounds like it goes into standby which will close down the monitor but the base will stay awake and will therefore need cooling.HDD lights go like this orange=accessing(noise) nolight=no access(no noise).

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