unable to start up Windows 98

  Incognitoo 15:38 11 Mar 2005

Windows 98 wont start beyond saying "Windows is now starting your MOS-DOS-based system. Micr(R) Win 98 copyw..1991-99 (nextline) C:\Windows>_ "
The screen then is static with the afore mentioned text visible.
When i try again i get the same result. Because a new PC is due next week i have just run the Defragmt prog in DS mode. I tried to restart thr PC and hit this brickwall. Please can someone explain to a computer illiterate wrinkly how to get windows98 up & running again? Obviously I am unable to access Help & am noe using a friends PC.
Many thanks. Derek

  woodchip 15:47 11 Mar 2005

If you have a Win98 Rescue Floppy Start with it in comp allow to load to A:\> then type

SCANREG /RESTORE press enter choos the last known date the computer worked using Arrow key and enter restart comp. If you do not have a disc keep pressing F8 as the computer starts when at the List choose Prompt and type the above

  keith-236785 15:48 11 Mar 2005

on booting the pc, straight after the first black screen with white writing on, press F8 a few times then wait, it should boot to a menu, choose safe mode,

if the computer starts in safe mode, shutdown and restart and do the same again, start in safe mode.

once loaded, restart again but this time just let it start up proper.

sometimes it works, sometimes it wont.

if it starts in safe mode but not in normal then it will probably be down to a corrupt driver.

your autoexec.bat or win.ini files may be corrupt

if you still cant get into windows, if you have the win98 cd, insert the cd and install win98 over the top of the existing install, that way you dont lose any of your settings and windows will replace missing or corrupt system files, at least allowing you back into windows.

good luck

  keith-236785 15:50 11 Mar 2005

follow woodchips excellent advice, if you dont have a win98 startup floppy, click here, choose the respective file to download, insert a blank floppy disk and double click the file you have downloaded, follow the instructions.

  Incognitoo 18:05 11 Mar 2005

Hi woodchip/paperman27.
The F8/start in safe mode did not resolve matters so I inserted the win98cd. I now have the basic windows screen with a few icons showing but My Computer folder is empty and there is no internet access. OE e-mail folder is also empty.
Paperman said the existing settings would not be lost so will they be still there somwhere??
I dont understand why everything was OK before I did the defragmentation and then I get this mess!!

  woodchip 19:23 11 Mar 2005

As I said you should have just tried the Registry Restore. You can still have a look to see if there are any old dates to go back to

  VoG II 19:26 11 Mar 2005

And if that doesn't work you could try click here to retrieve the "lost" files.

  keith-236785 16:49 12 Mar 2005


I have used this method on many occasions to recover damaged systems and have always had the files remaining and working ok that were working before.

sorry if you have had trouble but let us know and we will help where we can

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