Unable to start in Safemode.. PSU? CPU?

  Will 15:03 17 Aug 2009

I have come back from holiday and the computer is not working! My son tells me it has just occured. The OS is windows XP home additionthe upgrade. the symptoms are that the screen says the computer was closed down incorrectly which my son says he turned it off at the wall because he was in a rush. I can get into the bios and have tried going through resetting to default settings and going through the "failsafe" option. The Computer starts and the Windows logo flashes up and then after a couple of secoonds goes to the blue screen giving instructions to disable anti virus and defragging options and also doing a checkdisc but unfortunatly I can't do any of that becasue I can't get to a command prompt.... any ideas? I was thinking could it be the PSU? but the PSU doesn't seem to stutter or anything? or could it be the CPU that has developed a fault because it was not cooled down properly? Help please

  wee eddie 16:04 17 Aug 2009

He, almost certainly, crashed the hard Drive and it may now be unusable.

I assume that you are using the F8 route. e.g. Continuously tapping the F8 Key, from the moment the Power is turned on, until you hear the Post Beep.

Try F5.

  Will 16:24 17 Aug 2009

Eddie thankds, so how can I uncrash the hard drive?at the mometn I have put the XP disc in and am trying to repair, any further ideas?

  Will 16:29 17 Aug 2009

the disc was partitioned into about 5 parts. Will all the parts be knackered? All the family pics are on there... but I do have some back upos ofcourse...

  Will 16:33 17 Aug 2009

i have 2 hard drives on the same IDE, if I make the second the primary drive and the 1st the slave then boot up from the windows disc... is it likely I will be able to access the data????? Basically if I ake this disc a slave am I likely to be able to retreive the data?

  Technotiger 16:42 17 Aug 2009

If you are worried about losing photos, this little gem will recover them for you click here

Before starting its search, change *images* to .jpg - also, make a new Folder on whichever drive you are recovering the pics to, and direct the program to save the pics in that folder. It will other-wise save the pics in its own folder in your Programs files, no bad thing, but making your own folder first saves messing about afterwards, especially if you have thousands of pics - yes, this little gem will recover at least 90% if not All of them.

  Will 16:49 17 Aug 2009

Techno, thanks for the top tip I will try that if I don't get this one going

  woodchip 16:55 17 Aug 2009

Most likely scenario is the Master Boot Record is Corrupt. If you can Start the Computer With the Full Operating System CD and get to a Prompt Like C:\ Type Fix /mbr Space before the / press enter key

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