Unable to sigin to my email.

  ShinaRambo 15:00 06 Mar 2009

This problem has been been occuring for the last year and a half.My computer is one among 3 other computers and two game consoles on the router. I have been unable to signin to my hotmail,google,facebook etc. I can signin on other computers. when i format my computer and reinstall windows i can check these site for a few days then the wall comes down. previously i was able to access my email from midnight to 9am. I have called the isp and they have said there is nothing wrong on their end and they tell me to reinstall windows every time, which i do but as i said the problem comes back. recently i have been permanently blocked from accessing my e-mail on my computer but cam access it on 2 other computers on the network. This problem has also spread to one of the other computers.

  brundle 15:12 06 Mar 2009

When you say "blocked", precisely what happens? Error messages? Lockups? Have you tried an alternative browser when the problem(s) occur? Can you still access secure sites like banks, and do Windows updates still download properly? Are you blocked only when using a browser to access emails or do you have problems with email clients too?

  Sea Urchin 15:14 06 Mar 2009

.....and which is your ISP?

  ShinaRambo 16:27 06 Mar 2009

I can get onto the signin page, but after i input my name and password i get a "failed to connect" or "network problem" message and this happens on opera, safari, or firefox or internet explorer. I can access other websites that require passwords but i cant access firefox's addons page. i haven't had any problems with windows updates. I havent tried email clients, but they wouldnt help with all the access problems.

  brundle 13:41 07 Mar 2009

Using the same antivirus and firewall on all machines? Tried System Restore when the problem occurs ?

  ShinaRambo 13:11 08 Mar 2009

I changed my antivirus & firewall programs to the same one as the ones on the fully functional computers, but still no luck. System Restore didnt change anything.

  brundle 13:35 08 Mar 2009

Wired or wireless connection? Uninstall any firewall completely while troubleshooting, disabling may not be enough.

  ShinaRambo 13:11 12 Mar 2009

I have a wired connection and i totally unistalled my previous firewall before installing the new one.

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