unable to send mail with MS outlook

  tricia321 07:57 09 May 2005

hi all. have been unable to send mail with outlook, have ticked a box saying about looging and cant find it again to uncheck it, can anyone point me to where it s?

  pauldonovan 08:47 09 May 2005

I'm not sure what you mean by that.

When you say you can't send, you'll need to be a bit more specific to help us help you. Do you get an error? Can you receive ok just not send? What happens when you send?


  tricia321 17:58 09 May 2005

I get an error saying 550 adninistrative prohibition... when I said looging I meant loggging!!! I ticked a box somewhere that said about some logging and I had to restart fro it to take effect, but not sure where I ckecked box!!I can receive but get that error every time I send to anyone

  Klof Ron 18:09 09 May 2005

It may be that your outgoing server requires authentication. In Outlook go to Tools\E-Mail Accounts\View or change existing accounts\Highlight the account - click change\More settings\Outgoing server tab\check "My outgoing server SMPT requires authentication\ make sure "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" is checked and try to send mail again

  tricia321 18:25 09 May 2005

hi, thanks for the reply, have done that but get the same message!!! cant send mail

  Border Collie 18:33 09 May 2005

Tools - e-mail accounts - Change - Test account settings.

  Border Collie 18:33 09 May 2005

Tools - e-mail accounts - Change - Test account settings.

  tricia321 18:34 09 May 2005

have done that too and all tested ok got test email message from that but still cant send mail

  pauldonovan 08:47 10 May 2005

..you didn't say if you could receive email ok?

Don't suppose you have changed ISPs have you?

Also - are you always sending to one address or is it any address?

Might be worth speaking to your ISP in case they have blocked you for some reason.

  tricia321 10:23 10 May 2005

Thanks for the reply, I have recently gone broadband with a new ISP and have come to the conclusion that they have blocked my outgoing mail so have had to inform everyone of my new address but that all fro elping me out.

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