unable to send email in Outloook 2007

  goffin 20:05 14 Sep 2010


an odd one here. I can send emails to anyone from Outlook 2007 exceot for one person. When I do, I get:
Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients....none of your email accounts could send to this recipient.

I have rceived emails from the person and I can send via webmail

  ArrGee 20:50 14 Sep 2010

Have you tried a straight reply to that person?

  goffin 00:26 15 Sep 2010

yup...and the same happened.

BTW I can receive emails from the address

  rawprawn 08:40 15 Sep 2010

Which router are you using, if it's BT or Linsleys tick SMPT Requires Authentication in set up.
I am not sure this is the answer but it's worth a try. All BT hubs need that setting anyway.

  johnmichle515 11:51 16 Sep 2010

It may have happened that the recipient may have blocked your email ID for receiving emails.

click here

  goffin 16:35 16 Sep 2010

no, I can send emails via webmail!

  Woolwell 16:36 16 Sep 2010

The recipient has probably not blocked your e-mail id if it is received after being sent by webmail.

When you send from Outlook which smtp are you using? Is it the same as webmail eg your ISP or some other webmail like hotmail?

It is possible that the recipient's ISP has blocked e-mails from your ISP.

  goffin 16:36 16 Sep 2010

SMTP xend authorisation already ticked

  Woolwell 12:53 17 Sep 2010

Is this sorted? If not which smtp are you using, is it the same?

  goffin 17:27 18 Sep 2010

nope - not sorted. I use BT so the incoming and outgoing is the same. By way of a reminder, as far as I Know, this is the ONLY receipient I cannot send to from Outlook

  Woolwell 18:08 18 Sep 2010

Are you using bT webmail?

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