Unable to repair IP

  Berlin Warrior 07:47 16 Aug 2007

PC, Advent T9101
Win, XP SP2
US Robotics Maxg dongle
Speedport W700 wireless router (built in modem)
ethernet card SiS 900 integrated fast ethernet PCI.

me, Technophobe


First time here.

With the above set up my PC connects to the wireless router but with very low connectivity (even when situated 1 metre apart) but I have no access to the internet.

I get the IP address 169.xxx.xxx etc. and when I try an IP repiar I get the error message about being unable to repair. I've spent many frustrating hours looking around settings etc., but I don't really know what to look for. I forced an IP renew via the command prompt but still no resolution.

I'm no computer expert so please respond in idiot guide English ;-)

Any help appreciated


  P1d 10:53 16 Aug 2007

169.xxx.xxx.xxx is the default address meaning your network card is working but is not getting an IP address from your router. Is your router set to DHCP?


  Berlin Warrior 10:56 16 Aug 2007

Hi there P1d

The router software that I have is German and will not load on my PC so I don't know. I have been looking into how I can establish Windows as the default manager. Is there another way to access the router settings?



  scotty 10:57 16 Aug 2007

Your IP address of 169.xxx.xxx.xxx shows that you have not been assigned an IP address by the router. Is the wireless set-up on the computer set to obtain IP address automatically?

I think you will have to connect to the router with an ethernet cable to gain access to the router set-up interface. The interface is normally accessed using your internet browser. You type the router IP address into the browser address bar (normally something like or - check the manual). The router should assign an IP address in the same range as the router address (only the last number should change).

One possible cause of the wireless not working would be the security settings. Firstly, try temporarily disabling the firewall on the computer.

The router may have MAC address filtering enabled. This means that you must enter the MAC address of the wireless device (should be printed on the device) into the list of wireless devices allowed to use the router.

  P1d 11:02 16 Aug 2007

You don't need to load the software, try connecting to the routers management page as scotty mentioned above via your browser, it could be something like then go to the DHCP settings to see if it is set.

  Berlin Warrior 11:05 16 Aug 2007

Ok, so let me get this straight, I open IE or Firefox (which both report no internet connection) and simply type in the 198.... ip address into the address bar, I assume I need to prefix with http://.

  P1d 11:07 16 Aug 2007

Yeah, that's correct. That address is the address of your router so you should be able to connect to it to see the setup of the router.

  scotty 11:08 16 Aug 2007

You will need to have a wired connection to the router as the wireless is not yet working.

Just type the number into the address bar.

  Berlin Warrior 11:09 16 Aug 2007

OK, I'll give it a whirl when I get home.

Assuming I get to the routers management page what do I need to look out for?

  Berlin Warrior 11:10 16 Aug 2007


My wireless dongle connects to the router, do I still need to physically connect them with a cable?

  P1d 11:22 16 Aug 2007

I've just done a quick bit of research, it looks like the ip of your router will be click here DHCP will probably be under it's own tab or option labelled DHCP, ensure this is turned on.

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