Unable to rename folders

  Ogbournestandrew 06:35 18 Oct 2008

For no particular reason I am unable to rename folders. I am running Vista 32bit and I have trawled the net for 24 hours finding various fixes none of which seem to work for me.

Solutions I have found included downloads of reg files. They worked for other people apparently but not me.

Another solution suggested disabling 'offline files' in Control Panel - I don't seem to have that icon.

I have changed persmissions, I have full ownership and admin rights but I still cannot rename a folder.

I have even unrolled Vista updates from earlier in the week with a System Restore - nothing doing there either.

Does anybody have any further suggestions please? Am I missing a vital file?

  mocha 07:24 18 Oct 2008

Hi Ogbournestandrew,

Are you getting any error/warning messages when you try to rename the folders.

Make sure when renaming that you are not trying to insert illegal characters within the name.

  mocha 07:32 18 Oct 2008

Hi Ogbournestandrew,

Illegal characters below, also pressing TAB within the renaming of the folder.

: / \ * | < > ? "

  Ogbournestandrew 09:31 18 Oct 2008


Thanks for your replies but I am not using illegal charachters. Oh,that it was that simple!

It is such an annyoying little fault!!

  Technotiger 10:08 18 Oct 2008

Guys here with the same problem, apparently fixed ... click here

  Ogbournestandrew 10:57 18 Oct 2008

Tech - thanks tried that. It is a fix from Microsoft that asks you to do a registry change. The specific route that it gets you to find doesn't exist on my machine HKLM/system/currentcontrolset/services/csc/parameters. I am missing the 'CSC' bit. I created it and followed teh instructions but to no avail.


  sinbads 11:23 18 Oct 2008

not sure if this is your problem click here a try as allawys make a backup of your reegistry before you make any changes

  Ogbournestandrew 15:12 18 Oct 2008


Thanks for the link but ....nope that didn't work either.

There are so many refernces to this problem on th net surely MS must be aware of it.

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