Unable to reinstall XP

  dawnal 09:43 05 Aug 2009

I read in another thread about files I can download to create a boot floppy from click here.

I would like to reinstall the operating system on my PC. I have made a copy, on CD, of the partition it is held on. Unfortunately, I can't find any way to use it.

When I access system recovery, it asks me which installation I want to use. the only one available is C:/Windows, the one that is already installed.

Would the files mentioned in this thread help me to access the CD containing the copy or the partition on the hard drive.

I have a computer I can download the files to but it doesn't have a floppy drive. Would it work from a USB memory stick or would I have to transfer the files to the other computer and make floppies

  johndrew 10:03 05 Aug 2009

What OS are you running?

Why do you want to reinstall the OS?

  dawnal 10:12 05 Aug 2009

I have Windows XP home.

I want to reinstall because I am unable to access the Internet. I thought that might resolve the problem.

I have another thread on here "Internet access problem" in which I have asked for help, without success, unfortunately.

The computer runs very slowly, anyway, so I thought reinstalling might also help to clean it all up and make it run faster

  Poitier 11:14 05 Aug 2009

Do you not have a disk for the other PC that you can use provided you have the code for this one? Have you considered running Malwarebytes before you start.

  dawnal 14:03 05 Aug 2009

Both PC's came with Windows pre-installed. I have made a copy of the partition on which it is installed but I can't find a way to run it. that was why I was asking about the boot floppies. i hoped they would allow me to access it.

I hadn't heard of Malwarebytes. Thanks for the information. I'm running it now but I'm going to have to go to work before it finishes so I'll see the results tomorrow.

  crosstrainer 14:20 05 Aug 2009

Make and exact model of machine please :))

  lotvic 14:36 05 Aug 2009

<<"access the CD containing the copy or the partition on the hard drive.">>
That sounds to me as if there is a hidden partition for recovery to factory fresh state. Usually you have to make a boot CD from within a little program that has been pre-installed. When booting from this CD it brings up a menu of choices.
This varies from make and model of pc.
You are also usually given the option of making a full set of CD/DVD's for re-installation.

Some basic information is required.
1. What make and model are each of your pc's (I take it that they are both running XP home)?
2. How did you make the 'copy of the partition on CD'?
3. What is this - 'When I access system recovery' - and how do you access it?

Please give full details and the steps you take (detail the choices and say which button on keyboard you press and when, i.e. On bootup when the logo for **** appears I press F8 and then I get a choice of *1* , **b*, *s* then I choose **b* and then ........ happens) also say when and if the CD you made is in.

  dawnal 09:24 06 Aug 2009

Thanks everyone, for all the help you have offered.

I have found a boot floppy with which I have tried to reinstall the system. I have discovered now, however, that the Master CD I created from the partition on the hard drive doesn't work.

When I try to reinstall I get a message telling me to put this disc into the CD player. I do that but is doesn't find it, the message just keeps repeating.

It seems that Packard Bell don't supply replacements CD's for PC's more than three years old.

My only alternnative appears to be to buy a copy of Windows XP and install that.

  crosstrainer 10:03 06 Aug 2009

Maybe so. But an Upgrade later in the year to a ********* deleted machine might be worthwhile.

In the mean time, try a clean install via PC World (which I suspect is where you purchased the machine from)

If the shout..

Email me via the yellow envelope..

This will be fixed.

  T I M B O 10:26 06 Aug 2009

When you place that recovery cd into the cd rom, do you then reboot the pc or are you trying to install xp or vista while you are still booted up in wondows ????

  dawnal 11:02 06 Aug 2009

Crosstrainer, you are physic, how did you know I got the PC from PC world

I hadn't thought of that, thanks, I'll get onto them and see what they have to say.

Timbo, I have the PC switched off. I put the boot floppy in the drive. It then asks for the Master CD. I place this in the CD drive. It says please wait then the message just repeats, it asks for the master CD to be placed in the drive again. It doesn't find the master CD

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