Unable to reinstall windows 98

  Cara2 13:32 19 Apr 2005

Okay, advice again please.

Again following on from an earlier thread - I am trying to clean a hard drive and reinstall windows on an old computer.

Managed to get the ball rolling - all seemed too easy - and it was. I have been prompted "this version of set-up cannot continue" then something to the effect that the computer already has an operating system installed, I think.

Now, this computer runs on windows 98 - but the previous owner cannot locate original disks etc.

I have a version (which is no longer used on any computers, I might add) - and it is this I am trying to use. Still Windows 98. Am I allowed to do this even?

Any suggestions or advice as too how I can overcome this problem?

  Diodorus Siculus 13:34 19 Apr 2005

HAve you formatted the hard disk?

Get a bootable floppy from say, click here and boot the pc with it.

Then type

format c:

then when done


(or whatever the cd rom drive is)

If no luck, post the exact error message.

  Cara2 13:36 19 Apr 2005

Will I have to change the Bios boot up sequence?

  Yoda Knight 13:39 19 Apr 2005

Have a blank floppy handy. Boot the pc without the cd in. Keep pressing F8 to get the menu up, and choose Command prompt only. Put the floppy in. At the command prompt type the following, pressing enter after each line: "copy c:\windows\format.* a:" "copy c:\windows\fdisk.* a:" "copy c:\windows\sys.* a:" "sys c: a:"
You should now have a bootable floppy disk with the necessary files to clean the disk. Try booting again with the disk in to verify this. Once thats working, post back and I'll talk you through the rest... (in an hour)

  Cara2 13:39 19 Apr 2005

Also, I have a windows 98 'start up disk'. Is this the type of disk you are suggesting.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:43 19 Apr 2005

[quote]I have a windows 98 'start up disk'[/quote]

That's the one.

Is the bios set to boot from floppy? What happens when the floppy disk is in and you start the machine?

  Cara2 13:48 19 Apr 2005


Right, earlier on, I managed (with the help of this forum) to change the start up sequence via the bios settings to CDROM.

Do I now have to change again, so that the floppy drive boots ups the comp? Currently when booting up the floppy drive has no effect?


  Diodorus Siculus 13:52 19 Apr 2005

Yes, floppy needs to boot the machine.

  Yoda Knight 14:04 19 Apr 2005

That'll do it:

"boot the pc with it.

Then type

format c:

then when done


(or whatever the cd rom drive is)

If no luck, post the exact error message."

  Cara2 14:06 19 Apr 2005

Okay. I have now altered bios settings and booted up from floppy disk.

I am now at the stage whereby the prompt is:


What do I do now?

I am off to work shortly, so will have to turn my attentions elsewhere. However I am very keen to return here asap for the next stage.

Thanks for everyones imput so far. It is very appreciated and much needed.


  Cara2 14:07 19 Apr 2005

Yoda Knight, just caught your reply. I shall have a quick go at what you suggest before I get off to work. Got to be quick though!

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