Unable to reinstall win ME/XP on new hard Drive

  ifat 07:45 25 Sep 2004

Please help. My hard drive(60GB) crashed and I've replaced it with a 120 GB drive. My computer is over 3 yrs old and came with Windows ME. A year ago, I upgraded to winXP home edn. I am unable to load winXP because it wants winXP full edition, or winME, etc. I then decided to use the winME boot disk and Recovery CD-ROM that came with the computer to reinstall win ME, but it reports "this disk cannot be used on this computer,REBOOT!" I've set the hd jumper to exactly what was on the old drive - cable select, and the bios has detected the new hd. I cannot solicit the help of the OEM as I was told my computer is out of warantte. Any help will be greately appreciated.

  Dorsai 08:00 25 Sep 2004

I think it wont install ME as it is a recovery disk, not a full version.

I think you can try and install XP straight off, and as it sounds like you have an upgrade copy of XP, i believe all you will have to do is put the ME disk in at some point to prove that you have a previos copy of windows to upgrade from. I think. This is not personal experiance, just what i have gathered from reading other threads.

  Dorsai 08:02 25 Sep 2004

Oh, should have also said,

Did you remember to fdisk and format the new HDD?

  ifat 08:39 25 Sep 2004

No, Dorsai. Shows how much I know about these things. Any lead to "how to fdisk/format?" Will try right away. Thanks very much.

  User-312386 09:40 25 Sep 2004

You will need a full copy of ME. As you only have an upgrade disc.

What you need to do is find someone who has a ME disc just for a couple of hours, then folllow the instructions below.

Start the computer and start tapping the delete key, this will enter you to the BIOS

Now under the boot order, change the CD-ROM to 1st boot, now restart computer and put the XP upgrade disc in. It will ask you to format the HDD and then start loading windowsXP for you.

Then XP will ask you to put in the ME disc, just to confirm that you do in fact have ME.

There is nothing illegal about this as you have a licence for ME, just not the original disc

  User-312386 09:43 25 Sep 2004

no need to fdisk

  ifat 09:50 25 Sep 2004

Thank you, madboy. My luck now hangs on someone with a wMe disc.

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