Unable to receive email from freeserve accounts.

  Unplugged 22:53 21 Dec 2006

This question originates from my Mum living 90 miles away so difficult to check any technical details. Anyway she has stopped receiving mail from a number of her regular correspondents. She uses Outlook express has an account with virgin.net.

All the non-received mails come from freeserve accounts, other stuff still gets through. She has drawn a blank with the Virgin support team.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Or know of any likely causes (virus?)?

Any help appreciated - cheers!

  anskyber 22:56 21 Dec 2006

Was she originally with Freeserve, Wanadoo and changed to Tiscali?

It's quite likely the address is not supported now once her ISP (Tiscali) is not the ISP provider.

  anskyber 22:57 21 Dec 2006

I should have said "her ISP (Freeserve) is...."

  anskyber 23:03 21 Dec 2006

Sorry, having re read your post I think you mean from others. Do they know if Orange are updating their e mail addys to Orange rather than FS?

  Unplugged 23:12 21 Dec 2006

Hi anskber -
No her ISP is Virgin, she has not transfered from another ISP. She is not receiving emails fom some freeserve and wanadoo addresses.

  Unplugged 23:25 21 Dec 2006

Don't know about the orange thing - though I'm not sure it would make a difference to her - I don't think she is using a whitelist or anything like that.

  paws21 09:05 22 Dec 2006


Sorry to hear of the problems with your Mum's email.

It is said that so many spammers are using the Orange, formerly Wanadoo, formaly Freeserve ISP (as a result of minimal formalities for set up) that some other ISP's are filtering out any mail from this source to protect the majority of their customers.

As always its the innocent that suffer the penalties whilst the bad guys seem to prosper!

The quickest and easiest solution is for her to email her "regular" correspondents and ask them to use another ISP when sending messages to her (if they want her to be able to receive them, that is!)

An exodus of customers switching from Orange/Wanadoo/Freeserve is a more effective method of bringing home the message to an ISP that they have some obligations to tighten up on their servers being used routinely for massive spamming exercises.

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