Unable to re format ME. Help please.

  LAP 19:15 23 Nov 2005

A friend wishes to reformat his computer o/s ME because he has a virus. He has the recovery CD but the option to reformat is greyed out.

Any ideas.

He's learned a valuable lesson ie running without ant-virus cover which he has now purchased awaiting a clean computer. Thanks.

  ade.h 20:09 23 Nov 2005

Put a copy of fdisk on a floppy and let him boot from that.

  woodchip 20:14 23 Nov 2005

Download boot disc from click here

double click the file after downloading with a floppy disc in comp. it will create the startup floppy. start computer with disc and at A:\> type


  woodchip 20:28 23 Nov 2005

He does not need to use FDISK unless it's a boot Virus

  LAP 20:41 23 Nov 2005

Thanks woodchip, I will pass this on and will come back later with a result. (he's at work at the moment)

  ade.h 21:20 23 Nov 2005

I haven't heard of Bootdisk until now; I'd always assumed that Fdisk was the only tool of its kind as it's what I've always used for formatting.

  woodchip 21:33 23 Nov 2005

FDISK is for Partitioning a Drive not Formatting. You only need to use FDISK to create new partitions when drive is new or to get rid of boot Virus also to dived a disc. The boot disc does both if you want to. As after you create a Primary Partition you cannot use it until you format it

  ade.h 21:50 23 Nov 2005

Oh, I see. I'd always used Fdisk for re-formatting old disks before binning them. I never paid much mind to whether it created a new partition in the process.

  Dipso 21:54 23 Nov 2005

I am just a bit concerned...do you think the recovery CD will still work if he reformats?

  woodchip 22:04 23 Nov 2005

If he as a Recovery CD he should use that to put it back in working order. By starting with CD in drive. BIOS needs setting to look for CD first

  Dipso 22:11 23 Nov 2005

That's what I'm getting at. I think we should be advising him to do a recovery rather than use a boot disk to reformat.

If he is determined to reformat, I would advise he make a bootable disc containing the ME cabs first.

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